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The Power of Our God

August 15, 2014
Muslim girl reading

To witness a miracle is an amazing thing. It changes the person who experiences it, and works faith in those who hear of it. It brings great glory to our all-powerful God! In the book WHICH NONE CAN SHUT written by Reena Goode (All proper nouns, including author’s name have been changed.) you will read chapter after chapter of how God is moving in the mist of total darkness in Little Town, Arabia. You will read how Reema and her family are being used by God in miraculous ways to reach a people group for the Lord. God is moving amongst the Muslim people, giving them visions and dreams that lead them to search for truth. He heals the sick miraculously; brings down rain in the midst of a three year famine to build a child’s faith. You will be inspired and encouraged by many firsthand accounts of God’s hand at work. As you read this book you will see the need for prayer. It will become clear to you that without the body of Christ standing as prayer warriors for those being used as tools in God’s hand, darkness will win. It is up to us to fight the good fight. Join me in praying for this family and supporting them by reading about the power of God at work. This book can be purchased on It is a great read for the whole family!

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