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See I’m Happy

January 15, 1997

This past week there was another development in the ongoing saga of the Caroline files. Since she interrupted one of our Bible studies with an inappropriate announcement of “Heretic Heretic,” she has turned two years old and is increasing in much needed discernment. The other night some of the saints were visiting her parents when, in discontentment, she started whining. Her mother said, “Caroline, you be happy and stop whining.” When Caroline continued to attempt to gain control of her mother through whining, she was taken out and lightly spanked. A few minutes after returning to the room she again sought to establish her supremacy over her mother by whining and complaining. She wanted the attention being given to the visiting adults. Again she was spanked and told to be happy. When the mother returned her to their company, Caroline sat quietly for a few minutes and then, in the German Dutch language of the Amish, announced to all, “See, Mother, I am happy now.” And she verified it with a big, sincere smile. Children who lead the family do so with a miserable frown. Children who are in subjection follow with a contented smile. Establish your authority and make your kids secure and happy.

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