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Sock It To Me or Warm Smelly Socks

December 15, 1996

This month I had the flu with a secondary infection in my head. It was a miserable time, and I sought what relief I could find. I was most comforted by my son’s socks. No, he wasn’t wearing them, neither was I—that is, except on my head. The more I lay there enjoying the continued warmth of my socks the more I realized I had a valuable thing others would equally appreciate; so I decided to share my socks with you.
First, I looked very carefully for a sock that did not have one single hole, not even a tiny one. It took a while. I settled for two of Gabriel’s extra long hunting socks. He wears a size 14 shoe, and I figured his sock would be big enough for my purposes. I then half filled the socks with whole wheat grains (unground wheat). You could use barley or oats, but corn would be very lumpy. Dried beans or rice might work also. To one of my socks I added a few eucalyptus leaves and a handful of dried peppermint tea. Then I tied up the tops of both socks.
The next step was to warm the socks. This can be done in the oven or in a microwave. I then placed the warm, almost hot, sock on my forehead and the back of my neck. It almost made me feel alive again. They will hold heat for thirty minutes or longer, depending on how they are wrapped. The heat is not only soothing, it helps break up congestion.
Because the wheat shifts in a loose sock you can mold them to your neck, around your toes, or pack them against your lower back. They are also great for knocking the chill from a cold bed. With a little creativity, a mom could make a fuzzy toy that the sock could be slipped into once it was warm. Just be careful not to use materials that would heat up and burn the skin such as zippers or buttons. Do not put up against a baby unless you double check the heat or carefully wrap the warmed sock to prevent burning the sensitive skin.
I use the same socks with the same wheat all winter, although I occasionally add more herbs or even a few drops of essential herbal oil. Hope my sock idea keeps you warm and cozy.
P.S. Remember to use a clean sock.
Debi Pearl

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