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Squeaky Clean Apprentice

August 15, 2008

The dust buster now lives securely behind a chair, and Amanda knows she has the authority to suck up any dirt, leaves, lint, or grit she sees on the floor. I also taught her how to use a dustpan, so whenever she sees me sweeping, she runs to get her tools. Amanda is aware that a clean floor is important to me, and because of this, she knows she is REALLY helping Momma by maintaining it. While my squeaky-clean floor standards have been lowered a bit, when the job is not done correctly the first time, I do not go back and do it for her; she must redo it—to her delight. I’ve found that kids take pride in completing tasks and truly being in charge of something; they will know if parents are sneaking back and redoing all of their hard work. My Amanda is already learning the skills of responsibility and housekeeping, and I am truly impressed by her work. I have no greater joy than to be happily working alongside my best little buddy.

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