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Sunshine or...

July 15, 1996

Hand in hand, I’ve walked beside Him
In the sunshine of my days.
And with joy I’ve always followed
Down the flower-strewn pathways.
He has led me with his blessings
Far from all my toil and care.
O’er the mountain tops we’ve wandered
Great the sweetness we have shared.
But He pauses in the sunlight
See Him pointing at the shade,
Will I follow Him in darkness?
In the hard times still obey?
He is leading off the mountain
To the valleys down below.
Thorns and thistles in the pathway.
He is saying, “Will you go?”
“Will you follow through the shadows
Gladly go where I lead,
Finding souls that dwell in darkness
So that they may walk with me?”
So, looking in His eyes now,
I rejoice to see the promise bright;
He will never never leave me
In the darkest hour of night.
While we travel through the valley
He’s a loyal, faithful friend.
Surely someday we’ll go walking
In the sunlight once again.

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