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Teens Preparing for Responsibility

October 13, 2017

If you, as a teenager, suddenly find yourself in a situation where you need to care for those who usually provide for you, how will you do it? What will you do to make money to feed those you love? Granted, the chances of being put in this position while still a teen are remote, but I have personally known several teens who had to fill those big shoes. Wise teens will be constantly preparing for what amounts to survival in this uncertain world. Facing up to the call of responsibility will produce wisdom and maturity. It will also leave you with a great deal of confidence and a deep sense of security, knowing you can stand up to the task if need be.

If you are somewhere between 16 and 22 years old, you need to have a realistic plan for assuming responsibility. What kinds of work are you trained to do? Where would you seek a job if you had to earn money? Look around at the different companies that might be hiring. Be realistic when answering these questions, because this is not child’s play. If jobs are not available, how will you feed the family? Young woman or young man, you need to be preparing to take responsibility, because the need will arise sooner than you can believe.
One day your mother is fussing about your math lesson not being complete, and a year later you are married with a child on the way and your husband is struggling to make a living. Adulthood happens quickly. It requires a lot more than knowing science and math. The most prepared are the happiest and most secure.

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