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The Door | YouTube Update

December 27, 2021

Ellen - So speechless left in awe. This transformed me. A place that just made me grow in ways that woeds can not express. Thank you in Jesus name Amen.

Allen - Now that is a church service, sounds better than 99% of these fake churches I've tried. Maybe I should go to prison to have a good church.

John - Absolutely one of the best messages I have heard in my life. Thanks Mike it changed my life.

My redeemer lives! - Every Christian needs to hear this message. One of the most powerful messages I have ever heard!

Toni - By far one of my favorite sermons, delivered with eloquence only the Great and Mighty wonderful Lord can bestow. Thank you brother Pearl, God has named you righteously! May the Most high, our gentle and mighty savior Jesus, always Bless you and your family.

Rebecca - This sermon is amazing!!! You're so anointed & I could only hope to find a church now that would preach half as good as this !!

Natasha- This is one of the BEST sermons I have ever heard!

Ken- I love listening to you, you make so much sense. I have learned so much from your teachings. God bless you and your family and ministry.

Randall- Thank you Brother for your work, and for your clarity in the Word, my joy is listening to your teachings and making clear the Word of the Lord….Brother, I wish blessings in the name of the Lord…. Jesus Christ

Stephen-Much love and respect from Australia, my Dad put me onto you, God bless.

Tyler 777 - Now that was a bold message that was said with heart and spirit. It wasn't to many months ago I was inmate 174496 and especially "due to covid" getting a word like this was impossible but I still seen the Lord moving and souls on fire daily despite it all. Thank you and bless you Mr. pearl.

This audio only message was recently posted to our YouTube Channel
“The Door.” It is an old audio Mike preached in prison years ago. Adam (one of our I.T. men at NGJ) loved the message and posted it. Mike and I had long since forgotten about it. I would love for you to see how something as simple as an old audio message could make such a difference in the lives of so many. Use the link below to find the message.
If you have not yet started listening /watching these YouTube messages, I would encourage you to try one or two. They are listed in subjects so you might be interested in End Times or Numbers, or Romans, etc. Whatever you are wanting to study, Mike’s Bible teaching is there for you to listen and use in your ministry. May the LORD bless you as you seek HIM.
-Debi Pear
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