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The Good and Evil Translation Project Moves Forward with 2 New Opportunities!

April 15, 2009

DVD Project: To those that have joined NGJ in the translation of the Good and Evil illustrated Bible Storybook into over 25 languages worldwide we extend a heartfelt thank you. And to those of you that haven’t but want to, it is not too late! The project continues with another 40 languages in the works.

The video production of the Good and Evil project is getting closer to completion. The promo video introducing this new phase will be available for download on the NGJ website June 15, 2009. This professionally produced, high quality video presents how NGJ plans to use this medium to help missionaries present the Gospel, just like the printed version does, by telling the story of God’s dealing with mankind chronologically as it is told in the Bible. If you want to be a part of this exciting new evangelism endeavor, watch the video and join NGJ in helping the Good and Evil Translation Project move forward.

Five Language Project: We have received numerous calls from many individuals requesting Good and Evil color in another language to be used for ministry. Currently we have inventory in English and Spanish that we sell as well as use for ministry purposes. The sales of Good and Evil books help support the large ministry portion that Good and Evil represents.

We would like to print 10,000 of each language of Good and Evil color in five languages other than English and Spanish for sales and ministry in the U.S. The cost from top to bottom on this project is about $190,000, which is well more than we have available at this time. To create an economy of scale with the printers we will have to print and pay for all five languages at the same time.
There are churches and missionary organizations that minister to specific ethnic groups. If you have ministry opportunities with any of the groups below that you feel may have interest in helping us fund part or all of their language group, have them call me directly.

If you feel you want to be a part of this special project, let us know. All gifts small and large are greatly appreciated for this important project.
Write the language you wish to fund in the memo section of your check and we will designate your amount to that language. Call Mel at 931 593-2484 or contact Mel through email at [email protected] for more information.

Five of these languages are being considered: Arabic, Chinese, French, Korean, German, Portuguese, and Russian.

To know Him and make Him known.

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