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Training Of Mama

April 25, 2022

Are you cultivating wise habits in your children at a young age?

Habit training early on can reduce later issues! 

As a young mother, I began to watch and take note of the different ways parents train or don’t train their children. Everyone calls me the “soft-hearted Pearl daughter,” and knowing this to be true, I knew that I would have to train my children young before conflict came. Therefore I gave diligence to early training.

When @janellegracebrand was first born, every time I picked her up I would say, “Come to Mama.” This simple, cheerful command was conditioning my tiny baby to come to me in response to my voice. She came to associate the command with feelings of being close to me. Even though at one week old she had no idea what “come to Mama” meant, she quickly came to identify the sound, rhythm, and tone of my voice with the pleasure of being drawn to me. I hoped that after she became mobile and heard my command to come she would obey quickly and immediately.

And she did! She still does at 17! It’s quite funny really how trained she is in this!

Have you seen moms playfully chasing the little ones around as they run away from them? The mom is trying to get them dressed or change their diaper or maybe just keep their little one safe. Mothers are unconsciously training their babies to run away.

It’s habit training!

Early training is simply becoming conscious of every single thing you do and knowing that you are training and creating habits in your child, whether they are good or bad. As a mother you have a choice in what those habits look like.

I wrote down the basic things I wanted to see in my children. Then I figured out creative early training to build those habits in a positive and healthy way. A few I knew were important for their safety were: STOP, GO, COME, SIT, and STAND.

Figure out what is important to you, make your list, and start getting creative in training!

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