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Wael's Testimony

February 13, 2023

We use 100% of the funds you donate to the iMissions fund to buy ads through Google and Facebook offering a free download of the Good and Evil comic book Bible in over 30 languages. Most of the people we are reaching are in nations that are restricted or hostile to the gospel. Here is one recent story of a man impacted by this ministry.

By J.D. Grimes
Every day we receive email messages from people who have clicked our ads and downloaded the Good and Evil book. Here’s a screenshot of one man’s recent message:

From Wael-
Greetings and appreciation
My name is Wael from Egypt, Muslim, my age 51 year
I have dreamed twice of Jesus in a year since that time and I have a desire to know a lot about the Christian religion
Thank you very much and I hope that will answer me

My assistant, Adam, messaged back and forth with Wael a few times, sharing the gospel with him. He expressed his desire to find a church and meet with believers. Through a connection at another ministry we were able to pass his contact info along to a believer with local connections named Samir, himself a former Muslim. Samir spoke to Wael on the phone, and here is the update we received from him by audio message:
"Guess what? I was talking with Wael, that you sent me his email yesterday from the Good and Evil comic book. Guess what, again? He just prayed with me to accept Jesus a few minutes ago. He is such a wonderful person with such a tender heart. Oh my goodness. It was an amazing, amazing call. We talked for about two hours. So I can't wait to tell you all the details about it. Praise God and thank you so much for the connection."
Wael was also very thankful to find people who could help him:

From Wael -
The first time in my life I feel that there is a heart contains my soul since I dreamed of Christ and read about his life and teachings about Christ I find that there is a change in myself and my life and I thank Christ that I found a friend like you

A few weeks ago I received another update on Wael:
Samir has been continuing to connect with [Wael] and is super excited about his growth and maturity of faith. He also got him connected with an evangelical church in Cairo that has a lot of former Muslims. Wael has been beyond encouraged! So that's some pretty great fruit!

One planted, another watered, and God gave the increase!
Egypt is not a safe place to openly share the gospel, and were it not for a digital outreach program like iMissionaries and the donors that make it possible, many people like Wael might never have an opportunity to know Christ. We are truly blessed to be laboring in these fields, where there is so much precious fruit. Please join us in praying that God would send laborers into this harvest all over the world.

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