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Weird Traditions

December 19, 2019

Question 2:
I know an adult daughter who may need to leave her parents’ home due to several reasons before marriage. Does she “lose” her father’s covering? Or is this an issue at all?

Debi Answers
The father being the covering “thing” became a popular idea a few years ago, but it doesn’t really have any biblical foundation. We have lived long enough to have seen several of these “things” arise, and maybe we even invented a few along the way. Sorry to whoever for whatever in case we are guilty. But in answer to your question, when a woman becomes an adult, she needs to assume the role of an independent adult. She can still live at home if it suits her and the family, but she needs to learn to stand on her own financially and emotionally. A wise father will gladly help her find a place in life where she can grow an income and grow as a person both emotionally and intellectually. Girls that lag at home may never have an opportunity to properly develop as human beings. We have seen plenty of girls in this position. Don’t misunderstand me, it is not wrong to stay at home helping your family, but it is a real travesty to stagnate. I think it is such a waste of God’s creation to not be busy in life and ministry during what should be your most productive years.

A girl should spend her young teen years studying things that will aid ministries so that if an opportunity arises, she can step in and make a difference. This training will likely be a help to her future husband, especially if he is in any type of ministry or owns a business. All the young women that have worked for me have helped make No Greater Joy Ministries what it is today. These girls have been a part of millions of lost souls hearing the gospel. Their roles were mostly sitting behind a desk, answering the phone or working on a computer, but people heard the gospel because they were there doing their job and doing it well. And as the girls that worked for me were pouring their lives out for Jesus, good men took note of their faithfulness and service and . . . soon my favorite office girl was married and pushing a baby carriage, and I needed another unmarried gal to step in and fill the gap. I tell girls if they really want to get married, just come to work for me. It works like magic every time. I am a hard taskmaster, and train them to endure hardship like a good soldier, so when they do get married they feel like they married a real saint! Hee hee… I love LOVE, even if it does steal my workers.

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