We receive letters like this so often it looks like a plague.

“My daughter and son-in-law have a 5-year-old they wish to homeschool. My daughter has let the in-laws know this. They have told my daughter that they will do all in their power the stop the Homeschooling. The mother-in-law has expressed bitterness, strife, and even violence. It’s a family business they share and live close to the in-laws. What advice do you have for me?”

Debi Pearl Answers:

We have heard from several families whose children were removed from the home by the authorities because the grandparents filed complaint. I know two families where the mother or father ended up in jail for months, while the children were placed in the custody of the grandparents, only to have the cased dropped after many thousands of dollars and months of turmoil. Parents should put the welfare of their children first. Never compromise your convictions. As for the other grandparents, you should not encourage fear or rebellion but encourage your daughter to trust her husband’s judgement. I would advise “a soft answer,” wisdom, printed information on homeschooling, and much prayer. Also, if the dad says “move,” quickly and quietly pack your bags. There are good jobs waiting, rental houses at a fair price and used furniture at the Goodwill, but only one set of children that are yours.

– Debi Pearl