This is Shoshanna here, the youngest of the five Pearl kids. My husband James and I own The Bulk Herb Store. Lately we have gotten a lot of e-mails from our customers who have begun to figure out that I am indeed one of the Pearl kids. Most think it’s great, but several really hate the fact that a grown-up Pearl kid might actually love God and be healthy, wealthy, and wise.


First email:


I have been to your Bulk Herb Store web site and I have to tell you it is Awesome!! I was wondering if you are related to The Pearls….I love Mrs. Debi’s Help Meet book and my hubby has all kinds of CDs from Bro. Pearl. Excuse my boldness if you are not this girl. You still are doing wonders with the life God has given to you.

~Missionaries to Italy, Kerri Spicer

Second email:


Is your mom the same Debi Pearl of No Greater Joy Ministries? If so, I must confess to being a little floored by the type of person you are! So spunky, confident and even a great dresser! These are not the traits of a young lady that comes from a home that is supposedly harsh, restrictive, and legalistic (according to the negative reviews)! I imagined all of the Pearl girls to be awkward and shy. It would do me good to know if you are their daughter! ~Michelle

Third email:


Is it true your parents are the same people that wrote the book To Train Up a Child? You seem so nice and normal, and yet after reading a short part of that book I was vomiting! How can anyone with a conscience behave like such monsters? They are akin to the lowest of low and in my opinion need to be shot. I feel sorry for you and pray you don’t raise your child in the same manner!

It’s true. I am Mike and Debi Pearl’s youngest daughter. My name is Shoshanna Rashell (Pearl) Easling and I am writing this to set the record straight. Over the years many people have commented on how surprised they were at how “normal” my siblings and I are. This makes me laugh!

Some people think because we grew up with parents who spanked us when we misbehaved that we should be emotionally scarred, socially crippled, broken-spirited, withdrawn, and so on. Boy, are they wrong! Me, broken-spirited? HA! No one that has ever known me would think such a thing. Our parents raised us to be spirited, creative, confident, successful, and funny. To top it off, I am a go-getter kind of gal (check out Mom’s Preparing book). My parents did not raise any spiritual clones! And none of us ever went through a time of rebellion against God or our parents.

I am 27 years old and married to a wonderful man, James. Everywhere we go, heads turn to check him out. Yes, he is handsome, but what catches people’s attention is the giggling baby girl in his arms, our five-year-old little rascal of a boy smiling mischievously while holding his daddy’s hand, and his glowing wife who obviously thinks he is super. We are blessed, and God is so good! I could go on and on about my amazing husband and my awesome life, but that is another article. I want to tell you how life was growing up in the Pearl house.

When I was a girl in pigtails, my mother taught me how to make biscuits. My dad trained me how to keep my stray hair out of the biscuits. I will never forget the day at the dinner table when Dad pulled a two-foot-long hair (three-quarters swallowed) out of his mouth. We laughed, gagged with him, and got a good story that day. We worked hard and played even harder. Most of my memories are at the creek swimming, lying in the sun, swinging off the rope, riding my horse, and building clubhouses.

I was well-trained, so I did not get many spankings, but I was a wild child, and there were times that I needed one. I remember that spankings were like, “what goes up, must come down.” If you are bad, you get spanked. No emotional drama, no anger, no loud voices; none of that stuff ever occurred in our house. I remember a few times as a child falling down and scraping my knees. I would go show it to Dad for some sympathy. I would always get the most from him, because every time he saw one of us hurt, he would look like he smashed his own thumb. He has always been a tender teddy bear.

When I was 13, I was over helping a young couple by babysitting their kids while they were working on a project. The couple got into a verbal fight and raised their voices. I was blown away. I had no idea couples fought. My dad and mom never raised their voices at each other or at us. I look back at my life in the Pearl house and I thank God I grew up there. I am so blessed to have such amazing parents. The more people I meet, the more I get to know, the more I realize how incredible my childhood was.

We never had any money growing up. Many would call us dirt poor. Rightly so! Oh, but if they knew, I felt like a rich princess raised on sunshine and love. My parents gave me life and showed me how to live it well. They gave me the tools I needed to be successful in love. They gave me the confidence that I could do anything, and when I got married they supported my life as a married woman. I could not ask for better parents! I got the best.

So, am I normal? I am me. I am different. I am happy. I love and respect my husband. I love and enjoy training my children just like I was loved and trained by my mom and dad. Creativity fills my life as I work with herbs, make training DVDs, and write.

AND, thankfully, God is still working on me.

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