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Ecclesiastes 8 - Part 5

By Michael Pearl

Transcription (unedited)

Michael Pearl:   "He that diggeth a pit shall fall into it." That's a strangely often quoted passage in the Bible. Even unbelievers will quote that and have no idea where it's coming from. "He that diggeth a pit shall fall into it and whosoever breaketh an hedge, a serpent will bite him." You say, "What's breaking a hedge?" You have to go back to those countries ‑‑ go to Europe. What were hedges used for?

Congregant:  Their fences.

Michael Pearl:   Their fencing. Even cows couldn't get through them. Horses couldn't get through them. In fact, they had trouble getting tanks through them, in Europe, the hedges [inaudible 00:31] . You certainly couldn't get a vehicle through one. Couldn't climb through it. You had to cut a hole through it if you wanted to get through the hedge.

Been there for years, stiff, wiry, cut, cut, cut until just a bunch of really strong little stiff limbs like this. Those hedges are there to create fences. When a man breaks down a hedge, what's he doing? He's breaking down someone's property line. Notice the next phrase, "Whosoever removeth stones." In the Bible, they would pile stones up as boundary markers. They still do that.

We drive an iron stake. Back in those days, they'd stand up a pile of stones. If a man moves his stones, he's moving his neighbor's boundary. "Whosoever removeth stones shall be hurt therewith, and he that cleaveth wood shall be endangered thereby." He said the one who commits these, the king, the ruler, who commits these offenses against the common man is going to be hurt by it. This is so current today. In politics it's hard to stay away from it.

You know the government is taking people's property away from them. Now I can understand if you're putting an interstate through it. They try to route it through the cheapest property in town. You're going to have to take out some housing, an apartment building and maybe a couple of stores and clear a spot to get an interstate through.

I can understand that but you know there are places, there are cities now that are taking away people's private property to give it to a private individual to build condominiums or a place of entertainment or a shopping mall. It's not for public interest. It's for private use but they say the tax money will be higher so they have a right to take it for the public good.

There are people repeatedly losing property that's been in the family for a long time. "Whoso removeth stones shall be hurt therewith. He that cleaveth wood shall be endangered." Thereby, he's going to talk about this cleaving wood...

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One comment on “Ecclesiastes 8 - Part 5”

  1. Well this ended before I thought it was done. Also want to mention, I deleted the last e-mail when Joshua Steel was preaching, but it has been ringing my ears and thoughts ever since. The one where he said, the word search for addiction was only in the bible once. One would think even in bible times, there was things to cause addictions,
    but the bible only mentions: be addicted to Jesus. Wow.