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Grace Through The Bible - Part 2

By Michael Pearl

Transcription Coming Soon!

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3 comments on “Grace Through The Bible - Part 2”

  1. We do understand this. Adding nothing to faith. The question that rises here is as a born again, and you are tempted or being tempted within, now what?

    There is a lady that comes to my home. She has a hell of life at home with her children and husband. She believes in God and Jesus Christ as her salvation. Testifies that she talks to God, that He is her father. At the same time, she doesn't want Him to be her Lord. When he says to Love, she can't over come her hate. When he says (through apostles) to submit, to put off anger, she will trough the food into a garbage bin just because some family member was not on time for breakfast or didn't like how the food was prepared.

    How can I teach her the "overcoming sin" grace after the salvation. If she is not submitting to the Lord, is she not saved? Is she not putting certain things off and certain things on?

    With me it is like this: since Jesus is my master I want to obey Him (could it be for reasons I don't want to go to hell? be separated from him and the paradise eternally? like to have a testimony for Christ and not have any hindrances in my testimony or christian walk?..), I find my fault, I pray to God for wisdom, identify if it is circumstantial or within my heart and pray that I would be able to over come it. But it always comes down to me putting on or putting off. Like if I get angry with my child inside, before it escalates, I tell myself to stop. It gets easier because it is like building a habit not to get angry. Am I practicing works?