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Infant Potty Training

By Shalom (Pearl) Brand

Finally, more explanation about infant potty training! Shalom, mother of two successfully potty trained babies, is explaining how to get started.

After attempting infant potty training, if you have success stories, failures, and/or questions write to Shalom at 1000 Pearl Rd, Pleasantville TN 37033.

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2 comments on “Infant Potty Training”

  1. I noticed my infant son having a bowel movement every morning after he nursed, so at 8 months I started putting him on the big potty on a potty seat and he went! Now it's just part of our routine. I put him on in the morning and after his two naps and he'll usually go. This has cut his dirty diapers that need to be changed in half.

  2. Did Shalom ever write the booklet that she mentions in this audio? I would love to have some more help to potty train my 6-month-old daughter and maybe avoid the problems we had when training our son.