Galatians Chapter 3

By Michael Pearl

No book is more needed in our day. Learn why Biblical Sabbath keeping, whether it be Saturday, Sunday, or Tuesday, and the movement to adopt Jewish worship is not the will of God for the Church. Many professing Christians who don’t have a personal relationship with Christ are seeking meaning…

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Mark 2:13-3:6

Michael Pearl

Mark 2:13-3:6. And he went forth again by the sea side; and all the multitude resorted unto him, and he taught them.

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Am I Saved?

Michael Pearl

This is a three message set: Born Again, Am I Saved? and Except Ye Repent! It discusses the nature of repentance and faith as it pertains to salvation. If you have ever had questions about your salvation, these messages have been designed to explain salvation clearly.

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Revelation (partial) – FREE Audio Download

Michael Pearl

This is audio from Michael Pearl’s teaching series on the book of Revelation, taught during the Winter months of 2006-2007. We are offering it as a free download, however please note that it is incomplete.

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Romans Audio

Romans Audio

Michael Pearl

This verse-by-verse teaching is presented for the layman from the unique perspective of a student that believes the Bible rather than a scholar that critiques it. We hope you understand the work of Jesus Christ more fully through this free edition of Michael Pearl’s Romans series.

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