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In Search of a Help Meet Part - 11

By Michael Pearl and Nathan Pearl

Transcription (edited)

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Narrator:  Mike's search for a help meet included one near‑fatal mistake. This story is set with his search for his own special girl.

Michael Pearl:  Chapter five: My near‑fatal mistake. Before we continue with our study, I want to tell you the story of how I almost made a fatal mistake. How you know she's not the one.

It is with great reluctance, almost shame, that I admit here in print, that there was a time in my youth when I wore a suit and tie, and kept my thick black hair slicked back like a good '50s and '60s Southern Baptist preacher.

My excuse is that I was young, and when you are young, you tend to do silly stuff to gain acceptance. I was created to preach, teach and write the gospel. From the first time I stood and preached to a bunch of drunks at Calvary Rescue Mission in Memphis, Tennessee, I have loved preaching the gospel.

In my church, the monkey suit went with the position. I would have worn pink leotards and a Superman cape if they were required. There were several of us preacher boys back then, so we all took turns preaching on Sunday evenings, and of course I was at Calvary Mission, our Memphis Union Mission, preaching to the drunks every chance I had, which was usually several times a week.

I soon discovered that the young Navy men walking the streets made a great fishing hole, so I shared the gospel with them as well. Oh, but I loved being invited to new churches to preach, because it was a new crowd and I could check out all the lovely ladies for a possible bride. Take note, men: going to new churches is a great way of meeting prospects.

I am not being prideful. Preachers do have a real appeal to ladies, and I was handsome to boot. Especially in a three‑piece suit, okra‑colored shirt, and a purple tie. At least I thought those colors looked good.

Scouting for females was a very earnest endeavor for me, and there was this unwritten list tucked away in my brain as I looked over each herd of beautiful possibilities. She must be a beauty; that was a given. It was simply a part of my male needs. It would be good if she could sing and play the piano, since I was a good preacher and all the meetings need a little music. Yes, music was good.

I much preferred a slender gal. Although, as I've aged, I can't remember why skinny was so appealing. There is much less to love on when you marry a skinny gal. But that's another story I'll save for the sex chapter in my Married Man's book.

Let's see, back to my unwritten list of prerequisites in a woman. I thought girls with presence and dignity were really cool. This type of girl would make a good preacher's wife. At least at the time it seemed so. My gal had to have long hair, although I did take a few short‑haired girls out to eat after an evening meeting.

I figured, hair does grow, and the girls I took out to eat were so fine. No matter how beautiful she was, I never gave a girl any further thought if I detected she might be moody, lazy or uninterested in the ministry. I knew which way I was headed, and the only girls that interested me were already clearly headed in that direction.

Life, married life in particular, is trying enough without having to pull a lazy, emotionally demanding or lost woman around, hoping for her to change. No, I wasn't stupid, even in the days when I wore suits and ties and had a daily shave.

When I was a young man, our church youth were always getting together to sing or witness for some group or sport event. It was a wholesome opportunity I readily took advantage of. All these outings allowed me to watch the local gals, so I could see if any of them walked the edge of dishonor in how they dressed or conducted themselves.

I took notice of whether they were dishonoring to their parents, or had any signs of a pouty spirit. More than half the girls in the youth group were quickly put on the 'no' list. I also noticed the girls who were always ready to help to do different jobs at the church, which indicated a physically healthy, emotionally sound, and spiritual, giving person. Things like this impressed me, for I knew that a young girl would bring those same admirable qualities into marriage. These girls wound up in my mental black book of possibilities.

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Narrator:  Thank you for listening to this excerpt from In Search of A Help Meet. As always, remember to check out the current specials on our audiobooks and more.

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