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The Man Christ Jesus

By Michael Pearl

An NGJ favorite! Teaching on the man and work of Christ Jesus.

You can also purchase the Righteousness set on MP3 CD from our Web Store.

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3 comments on “The Man Christ Jesus”

  1. So much I could share, Years ago I read The Normal Christian Life and was blessed by the first part of it, but at a certain point was thoroughly confused as noticed a shift from sanctification by faith to works. I also read many Christian life books that turned my eyes onto self (what bondage!). When I listened to Sanctification by Faith I was delighted as these two things were addressed. It is so easy to fall into self effort and it always ends in failure. I am so appreciative of the message in Sanctification By Faith- it brought light to my confusion related to Watchman Née and the many Christian life books I read. I felt there was a problem but certainly wasn’t going to trust myself over these renown men. Your CDs validated what I was perceiving in a way that was charitable to those writers without compromising the truth! I am ever reminded to keep my eyes and dependency on Christ and not self effort. It is a sometimes difficult but crucial distinction that the CDs Sanctification by Faith help to make clear.