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My Very First Bottle Calf

I bottle raised a little heifer calf when I was 4 or 5. The mama cow had been sold by mistake, I think, and the calf was left behind. She was a deep brown color, and of course (...)

To all Mothers and Wives

Deep in the heart of the farmlands of the Midwest, a housewife tucks her children into their beds, kissing each one gently, singing softly as she leaves the room. Her little ones (...)

Once Upon A Time...

Growing up, Mama had a system and it worked to bring peace and stability to our large and growing family. Nearly every day when the clock rolled around to 4 pm, Mama would have us (...)

Once Upon a Time - How We Became Bakers

"You girls should start a baking business!" Mom said for the thirty-fourth time in the past three years. My stomach felt a little uneasy, and the dull November chill outside (...)

Coming Soon: POD Created to Need a Help Me...

Translation has been completed on the Spanish edition of Created to Need a Help Meet! We are beginning layout of the book and expect to make it available to order via (...)

Ongoing Rights Agreements

We just received copies of the newly-published Created to Need a Help Meet in Polish! This is the result of a commercial rights agreement negotiated by our international (...)

Update: Are You A Good Person?

Some of us at NGJ have been distributing this tract for several years, and its simple and to-the-point presentation got Mike’s attention. He wanted to introduce it to our s (...)

Attention Ladies! Debi and Jackie Availabl...

Debi Pearl and Jackie will be available to speak in CA the Sunday and Monday evenings following the women's conference.

Artist Found!

Debi has an illustrator! Debi has chosen an illustrator for her book! She chose a non-professional homeschool mom of several young child to illustrate her new book on (...)

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