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SPS - Graduation Special for Girls -2022

Preparing To Be a Helpmeet | Rebekah's Diary | From The Ends of The Earth CD and The Testimony of Darlene Rose CD

SPS - Mom's Special

Mom's Special Includes : 1) Created To Be His Helpmeet 1) Create A Better Brain Through Neuroplasticity 1) The Testimony of Darlene Rose CD

May-June 2022

SPS - Dad's Special

Dad's Special Includes: 1) Created To Need A Helpmeet 1) Training Children To Be Strong In Spirit 1) Only Men CD


Hope has become an important word and concept in the world of neuroplasticity. When one is hopeful it actually sculpts the brain, thus creating a better you. Researchers realize (...)

Hope In Action

Life as we know it—all over the world—is changing drastically and it is not for the better. As I wrote in my books Yell and Tell, “Those prepared are usually spared.” My advice is (...)

Light Bearers | Prison Ministry

Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. “ Matthew 5:14No Greater Joy has made the gospel available all over the world in many languages at the c (...)

Prophets and Wannabe Prophets

The Internet is full of “prophets” vying for clicks. Modern, so-called prophets and biblical prophets are a world apart. I don’t think any of today’s poesy prophets would stan (...)

Training Of Mama

Are you cultivating wise habits in your children at a young age? Habit training early on can reduce later issues! 
 As a young mother, I began to watch and take note of the d (...)

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