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How to Find Your Soul Mate

Have you ever heard the term “soul mate”? People use it to describe the love of their life, their favorite person to be with, the one they long to spend time with and do life with. It conjures images of … Read more

October 13, 2020 (0) comments

To Submit or Not To Submit

I am a word nerd, a lover of all things grammar and punctuation and usage and writing. I love reading and thinking about how something could have been written more clearly and concisely. I love finding errors in books and … Read more

October 13, 2020 (0) comments

Lectura obligatoria

Ayer leí un artículo que debería ser obligatorio leer para todos los padres. Fue escrito por Sloane (no es su nombre real), una madre joven que trabaja con una organización llamada Bark, cuyo único propósito es proteger a los niños … Read more

April 23, 2020 (0) comments

Required Reading

The devil who wanted my kids in 1980 still wants yours today; he’s just keeping up with technology better than you are. It is not enough to shield your children from the dangers that are out there; we must teach them to guard their own hearts.

February 18, 2020 2 comments

Casada con un Visionario

Por Karen Sargent Cuando era niña, la mayoría de los ejemplos de matrimonios buenos en mi vida (mis padres, mis abuelos, un tío y una tía cercanos) eran de mujeres casadas con hombres Estables. Así que naturalmente me imaginé que … Read more

November 21, 2019 (0) comments

The Three Types of Men: Junior-Size

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Just like there are three types of men, boys all tend toward one personality type. Here’s how to tell what natural inclinations your son has, and how you can guide him to become the man God wants him to be.

June 18, 2019 (0) comments

To Train Up a Visionary?

A reader asks: how can I encourage my Visionary husband to focus his creative abilities when doing anything steady is an almost repulsive idea?

February 19, 2019 (0) comments

Sitting Practice

Mama, do you enjoy being in a church service? Implement sitting practice and you’ll never miss another one!

December 25, 2018 2 comments

Married to a Visionary

When I was a young girl, most of the examples of good marriages in my life—my parents, my grandparents, a close aunt and uncle—were of women married to Steady men. So naturally, that’s how I envisioned my own would be. I didn’t know what I was getting when I got a classic Visionary.

October 22, 2018 10 comments
From Karen

From Karen

I want to answer the “how do you homeschool through high school” question from the perspective of a mom of five, four of whom chose to go to college.

April 15, 2016 (1) comment
From Our Mailbox

From Our Mailbox, September-October 2015

I’m a pastor’s wife in a military community. One of my ladies told me that in the past 16 years her husband has only been home a total of three years.

August 14, 2015 4 comments