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Knife Throwing Outreach

Mike gave a knife and tomahawk throwing demonstration at a local Motorcycle show! He combined knife throwing, preaching and art into a captivating, hour-long gospel presentation (...)

2019 Speaking Schedule

Want to meet Mike and Debi  and hear them speak at an upcoming shindig? Then you won't want to miss the shindigs in Mississippi or South Dakota! You can get more information at (...)

A Man Without a Knife...

"… is like a kitchen without a wife!" -Unknown. It’s official! Mike is the 2018 International Knife Throwing Champion! Want to know all his tips, tricks, and secrets? Be sure (...)

Hot Off the Press

They're here! The first shipment of Good and Evil in Ukrainian has just been delivered in Ukraine! Read the complete update from Euro Team Outreach HERE

2018 Speaking Schedule

Mike and Debi will be speaking at many events around the country this year! Be sure to sign up for one (or two) of these great shindigs and family camps! May 3-5, 2018 Memphis in (...)

Comfort for the Burned and Wounded

This is an excellent resource for those interested in natural burn treatment. Books may be obtained by writing: John Keim 205 Graves Road Mills, PA 16937-9624 This book is not (...)

Head 'Em Up! Move 'Em Out!

Point your wagon train towards Arkansas and join Mike and Debi at Fort Rock Family Camp in Combs, Arkansas! Nestled in the heart of the Ozarks, you and your family are sure to (...)

Keep Those Rain Boots Handy!

Ahhh, the annual spring ritual. The abundance of rain these past few days have turned normally clear, tranquil Cane Creek into a churning, muddy river threatening to spill over (...)

You Haven't Heard the Half of It!

Not doubt by now, you've come to the conclusion that there is never a dull moment around No Greater Joy and Mike and Debi's home. Not only is ministering around the world a VERY (...)

Mobile-Friendly Arabic Good and Evil

Here's a glimpse of our newest mobile-friendly Arabic Good and Evil! We're so excited to begin to offer the Good and Evil Comic Book Action Bible in this format, which provides an (...)

Big Papa's Sweet Potato Secret... Shhhh

The grandkids have been having loads of fun this week diggin' up Big Papa's sweet potato crop! It's like a treasure hunt-- literally-- digging in the rich soils to reveal a (...)

What Happened in Houston... Thanks to You!

From Ashley Pearl- The last thing I thought we would be doing on August one Tuesday morning, was packing our bags, and driving ten hours south of here because of a devastating (...)

Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Update

Here's a live video update posted by the team early this morning, plus a plethora of pictures to show how YOUR donations are making a difference in Houston!

Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief: Day 3

Your gifts helped feed nearly 1,000 people yesterday! The team has been busy cooking food, and has shared these pictures so you can see that YOUR gifts are making a difference (...)

Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Team

As the flood waters in Houston continue to rise, Nathan and a team of Amish men from the community have deployed (with proper equipment) to Houston, partnering with several local (...)

"You Just Gotta Be Smarter!"

We got a laugh out of this commercial that Charleston films made for NGJ's Alabama Seminar! Take a look...

Mike on "Up for Debate" Radio Show

Mike had the opportunity to be a guest on the Up for Debate radio show with Julie Roys, a show that initially launched on WMBI in Chicago, but now airs on about 150 stations (...)

Workin' on "The Skimmer"

If you were trying to locate Mike the past couple of weeks, chances are you'd find him and Jeremiah working on his new fishing boat. After a tree fell on his previous boat during a (...)

Everybody's Got a Blooper Reel

We filmed some short videos for Debi's NEW book The Hidden Help Meet. We got some great videos of Debi's wisdom and teaching moments, and some cute bloopers too! Take a look (...)

Former Gang Members Come to Christ

We received this email from a prison chaplain which also included this letter from an inmate! God is moving behind the prison bars, and it is because of your gifts to support the (...)

We Need Your Help!

NGJ needs your help! Our newest ministry, The DOOR, just launched its YouTube channel! The more subscribers we have, the greater chance people will hear the gospel message (...)

Inspiring Good and Evil Testimony

We were so excited to receive this testimony about how one man is using Good and Evil books to share the gospel in his community! We have a young Christian man here named C. who (...)

See You in Texas!

Mike and Debi are excited be returning to the East Texas Mini Shindig in Texas, and they want to see YOU there! Check out some of the pictures and videos from last year's (...)

Success in Texas

As you can see, Mike has been having a wonderfully successful time hunting in TX! Debi said that the first night they pitched their tent on concrete and inflated an air mattress (...)

Support NGJ Every Time You Shop on Amazon!

Amazon has a program called AmazonSmile to help charities like No Greater Joy. AmazonSmile will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible Amazon purchases to No Greater Joy (...)

Mike Teaches Romans LIVE

Every Thursday at 7:00 pm CST you can hear Michael Pearl's Bible teachings LIVE from The DOOR of Lobelville, TN. (You don't need to have a Facebook account to watch the videos!) (...)

Good and Evil Testimony from Malawi!

We are always excited to hear how the Lord is using Good and Evil all over the world! The Lord is opening many doors in the country of Malawi (Chichewa language), and we just (...)

FREE Calendar Pages for November-December ...

Download free calendar pages for November and December 2016!

FREE Calendar Pages for September-October ...

Download free calendar pages for September and October 2016! September 2016 (PDF) October 2016 (PDF)

FREE Calendar Pages for July-August 2016

Download free calendar pages for July and August 2016! July 2016 (PDF) August 2016 (PDF)

Thanks Steve!

Though this morning started out rather routine, it quickly took an unexpected turn! But this change of events taught us an important lesson from our blessing. You see, this (...)

Coming June 9th... to an Internet Connecti...

After six months of non-stop work, we are so excited to be able to begin streaming sermons and Bible teachings from The DOOR, No Greater Joy's evangelistic community outreach in (...)

Y'all Should Have Been in Texas!

If you weren't in Texas this past weekend, you missed OUT! Mike and Debi just got back from the East Texas Mini Shindig! No, we aren't hosting any more shindigs, but other (...)

FREE Calendar Pages for May-June 2016

Download free calendar pages for May and June 2016! May 2016 (PDF) June 2016 (PDF)

Month in Review

There is a gas station/store in a small town near us where old men congregate every morning to shoot the breeze and watch town life happen. In the early morning people hurry to (...)

Lightbearers- NGJ's Newest Ministry

There are 2.2 million inmates in America waiting to hear the gospel. Are they waiting for you? Now you and your family, church, youth group, or ministry can get involved in (...)

Magazine Photoshoot Sneak Peek

FREE Calendar Pages for March-April 2016

Download free calendar pages for March and April 2016! March 2016 (PDF) April 2016 (PDF)

Coming Soon...

Snow Day!

It's a splendid event when we get even a dusting of snow here in central Tennessee. So when last night and this morning accumulated several inches, it was reason to celebrate (...)

A Dream Come True... 20 Years in the Makin...

Happy New Year from No Greater Joy!

The new year is upon us, and people everywhere are making resolutions of all kinds. But while resolutions to eat healthier, lose weight, exercise, stop smoking, etc are all (...)

Calendar Pages for January-February 2016

Download free calendar pages for January and February 2016! January 2016 (PDF) February 2016 (PDF)

Have You Seen WOODLAWN Yet?

We went to see the movie Woodlawn. The movie, based on a true story, focused on a high school in Birmingham, and most particularly a football team and some on the issues they (...)

Hawaii Ministry Recap

Mike and Debi recently led a three-day family conference on the beautiful island of Kauai, and were able to visit Nathan and his family while they were there! Here's a little bit (...)

21st Anniversary Edition is Here!

We are receiving so much positive feedback from the new, revised edition of To Train Up a Child! I know you probably get way too much mail, but I just had to write and say THANK (...)

What have Mike and Debi been up to?

It's another hot, humid day in central Tennessee, so you'll probably find Mike and Debi starting up the old Jeep renegade and rounding up the grandkids as they all head down to (...)

Have you read "This is the Last Right...

So many readers have been contacting us to tell us how much they are enjoying "This is the Last Righteous Generation" that came out in our June/July No Greater Joy issue. They are (...)

Springtime is Creative Time

Mahi Mahi in Hawaii

Pearls at Olelo Christian Academy

Mike demonstrated the art of throwing knives, tomahawks, shovels, even nails at Olelo Christian Academy in Kauai, Hawaii! He followed up with a challenge to the student body to (...)

Bonfires and Beaches in Hawaii

Mike and Debi are enjoying spending time with their grandkids as well as speaking and ministering in Hawaii! Leave it to Big Papa to find a way to roast SIX hot dogs over the (...)

Where are Mike and Debi?

Mike and Debi are speaking in Hawaii! The will be doing several special events at Crossroads Kauai on topics such as homeschooling, parenting and marriage, plus a special knife (...)

Have You Ever Had a Heavenly Hug?

A few weeks ago we traveled down to Georgia to the Kingdom Dominion Church for a Valentine couples conference. Many couples attend, some married for a long time. The crowd (...)

Great White Throne Tracts Are Here!

We were so excited to see the truck pull up to deliver the first printing of the Great White Throne gospel tracts! We are now shipping them out-- have you received yours yet? (...)


Big Papa and the Brand grands spent the morning out netting crawdads on the Tennessee river!

Spring Has SPRUNG at Cane Creek

What Did Mike Do Today?

Two guys from Indiana have been helping Mike split Beech tree logs the past couple of days. We thinned out a large amount of these trees from the wooded hills that surround the No (...)

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