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Making Your Calling Sure

In my experience, 95% of those who identify with the Christian religion have never been born again. They call themselves a Christian family, but many are false converts (...)

¿Quién define a tus hijos?

El niño acepta la definición de sí mismo que le imponen quienes lo cuidan. No tiene otra forma de saber quién es. Los niños ven su propio reflejo en los ojos de los demás. No hay n (...)

What Happens to Children When the Rapture ...

What happens to children when the rapture takes place?

Gentle Parenting: Part 2

What does the Bible say about corporal chastisement and Gentle Parenting?

Gentle Parenting: Part 1

Gentle Parenting is the craze right now. The name, Gentle, is camouflage for a hidden agenda that is not compatible with the God of the Bible.

Marriage: Sharing the Pie

Love doesn’t keep accounts. It doesn’t keep score. When we start keeping score, it’s a game—a game where we are counting winners and losers. More than anything we want our fai (...)

The Three Types of Men: Junior-Size

Just like there are three types of men, boys all tend toward one personality type. Here's how to tell what natural inclinations your son has, and how you can guide him to (...)

Dejar y Unirse

Suegra Estimados Sres. Pearl: He batallado para tener una relación con mi suegra desde que la conocí. Tiende a ser manipuladora, cruel y crítica. En muchas ocasiones, me ha dicho l (...)

An Upset Mother Writes...

An upset mother unsubscribes from the No Greater Joy magazine to protect the purity and innocence of her sons. Mike recalls a conversation he had a few months ago with (...)

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