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From Our Mailbox: Advice from the Oldest H...

Dear NGJ, My husband and I have recently returned from a summer-long adventure (May–September) of hiking the Continental Divide Trail. It’s 3,000 miles long, from Mexico to Can (...)

Dad's Daughter

Dad, you must get this one right. If you mess up here, all that you have invested in your daughter could be wasted on a dud.

Jumping Ship (Part 1)

What to do so your children don't jump ship to the world when they get older.

Living Parallel Lives in the Same Space

"We appear to be on track in every way, and very "together." But those on the outside do not see, as I do, the missing component in our parent-child relationships." - From a (...)

Love is Loving What They Love

I have loved many things in my life that had no personal meaning to me. All because I loved what they loved...because I loved them.

Training Boys

I am often asked how to raise boys. It has been so long since my boys were 12 and 14 that I had forgotten much of what we did, but because we have the Russian boys back with (...)


Our Western culture is evangelistic and totalitarian in its zeal to promote secular humanism.

One Size Fits All?

Not all children can be trained equally with the same techniques.

Working Character into Your Children, Part...

What does the Bible say about working? Working is godly for God works. The Bible starts off in the second chapter of Genesis telling us about God resting from his work.

The Challenge

There was a time when somewhere in every large city there was a dirty building, dimly lit, tucked back where decent folks would never go. Nearby was a liquor store and a (...)


Dear Michael, I am a husband and a stepfather of a three-year-old. I'm hooked on pornography. I sometimes think I can't make it without it.

Great Expectations

In addition to your letters, we are prepped by the real life experiences that confront us daily.

In Defense of Biblical Chastisement, Part ...

This is the second half of “In Defense of Biblical Chastisement.” We have examined the Word of God and seen God's perspective on the necessity of incorporating the rod as par (...)

When You Are in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.....

The obedience of this boy most likely saved this marriage and will impact these children all their lives. If you have GOOD NEWS— share it with everyone.

Barbie Dolls Revisited

Barbie Dolls are very popular with some lascivious men. At the least, Barbie dolls erode the innocence and natural modesty of young girls.

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