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Full Circle

Hi, I’m Janelle Grace Brand, number 5 of the 27 grandchildren of Michael and Debi Pearl. I’ve officially made the full circle. As I watch the office manger’s young, rambunctious ch (...)

The Early Life of John Rushing

This being my 85th birthday and my children having requested that I give them for a scrap-book purposes and as a family memorial a sketch of my ancestors, as well as of my own (...)

To Future Generations

If I could speak to future generations, My sons and daughters, their offspring to be, I’d say, begin with, I don’t know anything, Then ask for ears that hear, and eyes that see. As (...)

Observing the Process

At four years old, my son was letting me know that he was ready to learn how to read.

And the Truth Shall Make You Free

One day when I was 8 years old, I went down to the mailbox to get the mail. Lying in the grass near the mailbox was a magazine with a solid white cover. I assumed some of our mail (...)

Joy Training

As a wife and mother I find joy to be one of the most useful attributes a woman could have.

Calling All Teenagers

Calling all teenagers...normal, healthy, smart, beautiful, talented, needed, wonderful...hey, I'm talking to you! Tandy was twelve years old when the first boy gave her "the (...)

Then and Now: Reinforcements Coming and Yo...

There is a mighty army Being trained to stand and fight, A battlefield of soldiers Learning what is right... You are that mighty army, We've watched you being trained; You've (...)

A Cup of Tea

“Fine china” will never make it to heaven.

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