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To Future Generations

If I could speak to future generations, My sons and daughters, their offspring to be, I’d say, begin with, I don’t know anything, Then ask for ears that hear, and eyes that see. As (...)

Observing the Process

At four years old, my son was letting me know that he was ready to learn how to read.

And the Truth Shall Make You Free

One day when I was 8 years old, I went down to the mailbox to get the mail. Lying in the grass near the mailbox was a magazine with a solid white cover. I assumed some of our mail (...)

Joy Training

As a wife and mother I find joy to be one of the most useful attributes a woman could have.

Calling All Teenagers

Calling all teenagers...normal, healthy, smart, beautiful, talented, needed, wonderful...hey, I'm talking to you! Tandy was twelve years old when the first boy gave her "the (...)

Then and Now: Reinforcements Coming and Yo...

There is a mighty army Being trained to stand and fight, A battlefield of soldiers Learning what is right... You are that mighty army, We've watched you being trained; You've (...)

A Cup of Tea

“Fine china” will never make it to heaven.

Noah’s Wife

Viewing life as an adventure, not a trial

Herb Lesson – Cinnamon

CINNAMON Botanical Information Also known as: Cassia, Sweet Wood, and Gui Zhi. Latin names: Cinnamomum Cassia, Cinnamomum Verum. Medicinal Action and Uses: Carminative (...)

Herb Lesson – Calendula

CALENDULA Calendula also known as: Garden Marigold, Poet’s Marigol and Pot Marigold. Interesting Facts! Calendula (marigold) is a genus of about 12-20 species of annual or p (...)

Herb Lesson – Cherry

CHERRY Botanical Information Latin name: Prunus avium Family: Rosaceae Interesting Facts Most of the research that follows was conducted on one of the most common American grown (...)

Herb Lesson – Plantain

PLANTAIN Botanical Information Parts Used: Root, leaves, flower-spikes. Plantain is a perennial “weed” that can be found almost anywhere in North America and Europe. You probably h (...)

Herb Lesson – Wild Yam

WILD YAM Botanical Information Also known as: Colic Root, Devil’s Bones, Rheumatism Root, Wild Mexican Yam, and Chinese Yam. Scientific/medical name(s): Dioscorea villosa, D (...)

Herb Lesson – Echinacea

ECHINACEA The Purple Cone Flower Botanical Information Botanical Name: Echinacea Purpurea Also known as Purple Coneflower, and Snakeroot. Echinacea is a genus of nine species of (...)

Herb Lesson – Ginger

GINGER Botanical Information Latin name: Zingiber Officionale Interesting Facts! Ginger was given its official botanical name, Zingiber officinale, by the famous (...)

Herb Lesson – Yucca

YUCCA Guardian of The Desert Botanical Information Other Names: Spanish Bayonet, Guardian Of The Desert, Needle Palm, Soapweed, Lord’s Candle, and The Joshua Tree. The common name (...)

Herb Lesson – Peppermint & Spear...

PEPPERMINT & SPEARMINT Botanical Information Peppermint (menthe piperita) Spearmint (Mentha Spicata) Interesting Facts! Some cultures wrap spearmint in long strips of bacon to (...)

Herb Lesson – Rose Hips

ROSE HIPS The Vitamin C flower Botanical Information The most common rose used medicinally is the Rosa Canina, also known as the Dog Rose, or Wild Rose. Other species are also (...)

Herb Lesson – Garlic

GARLIC Botanical Information Latin: Allium sativum Actions: Antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, antiparasitic, antiprotozoan, antifungal, anthelmintic, immune-stimulating (...)

Herb Lesson – Aloe Vera

ALOE VERA Lily of the Desert Botanical Name: Aloe Barbadensis Also known as: Aloe Vera, Lily of the Desert, and the Burn Plant. There are over 240 different species of Aloe (...)

Summer School – Homeschool Kid

"How many seeds is there, Mama?"

Land of Milk and Honey

When God chose to describe to the children of Israel the Promised Land he did so by saying, "...a land flowing with milk and honey" (Ex 3:8).

Sweet Kids

How do you make your children get along?


Calling all Teenagers... Normal, healthy, smart, beautiful, talented, needed, wonderful.... Hey - I'm talking to you.


I would like to tell you about something that has proven very beneficial to me. It's called Spirulina.

Which Curriculum is the Best?

When parents decide to homeschool, one of the first questions raised in their minds is "which curriculum?" There are some wonderful lines of material out there for the (...)

The Magic Cape

How could I make ladyhood appealing to a toddler who simply thrived on getting muddy, jumping on the trampoline, pretending to be a dinosaur or alligator, and playing with (...)

The How-to Herb Book

Occasionally someone will ask me, "I want to know more about how to treat my family with herbs; where should I start?

Love is Like God

The secret to Michael Pearl's success is not in training...

The Tea of Life

I've rediscovered green tea and a wealth of information about it's health benefits, particulars of it's preparation, and the various qualities available.

Shyness Answered

How do you teach a girl not to be shy? Is it right to demand self-confidence? What IS shyness?

Proverbs 31 Cookie Mama

What is a young mother to do with the long hours waiting for her husband to come home?


To the Women Who Protect Our Country - by letting their men go

Blooming Where We’re Planted

If a soulless flower can give God glory by blooming regardless of circumstance, what might I do—what must I do—as a child of God?

Homeschool Kid – Mommy Training

Our little ones learn everything from us: conversation, facial expression, habits, attitudes etc... What kind of mommy and wife is your little girl learning to be?

Homeschool Kid – Daddy and King Neb

Daddy's drooling and carpet-grazing depiction of King Neb, changed into a beast, is so impressive that even three-year-old Joe is convinced of value of being thankful and (...)

Wanted: An Apple Tree Like Me

I believe the most convincing evidence of the truth of the gospel of Christ is to let your children see you speaking it to friends, neighbors, and absolute strangers.

Homeschool Kid – When the Music Star...

Joe Courage's first music lesson.

My Son, My Brother

When my three-year-old is especially pleased with me, due to some exciting homeschool project, favorite meal, or a really fun time, he pats me fondly and says, "Mom, you're a (...)

Homeschool Kid—Sing My Song

Small children love to be identified, "you're a carpenter, you fixed my chair!" or "those are good brownies, you’re our little cook."

The Measure of a Man… always changing! When we were growing up at the Pearl house, there was an interior section of the hall wall that was never repainted, no matter how grubby, stained, or (...)

Are We There Yet?

-Acquiring Tools for Life Every time you receive a newsletter, you sit down and read it. You’ve followed Mike Pearl’s advice and trained your children to obey and work hard. T (...)

Garlic, again

Dear Beka, Last NGJ you told us to use garlic for earaches? How? You also mentioned poultices. What’s that? Where do we learn how to treat our children with herbs? I need s (...)

Homeschool Kid – Wins of Change

Behind Mom and Dad’s door stood an old, five-gallon plastic jug, the origin of which I have long forgotten. Every time Dad had a pocketful of small change, he would toss it into t (...)

Ode to Garlic

...I have had no official training in healthcare; however, my mother was a midwife and herbalist, and I learned much from her during my homeschool years on the Tennessee (...)

Sound Familiar? -Sally and Jimmy

There’s a little girl in my neighborhood who is six years old. Her mother has carefully guarded the girl’s childhood from the stress of early learning requirements.

Child Labor

Dad always had a mischievous habit of asking visiting children (of all ages) a question: “Hey little man, what do you do for a living?”

Joe Courage Corner

Every night before Joe Courage goes to bed, he and his Daddy go outside to look at the stars. We are twenty miles from town, and there are very few lights to dim the (...)

Give Me Liberty

Back in the mid to late 70s, I was still a skinny little girl with ratty braids and huge eyes. My parents were on the cutting edge of the homeschool movement, and being the (...)


I've asked a male or two this question in a over a dozen foreign countries: "What is the most valuable and attractive attribute a woman can have in your culture?" The answer (...)


The Teacher Boredom was an unknown ailment in our house, thanks to Mom. With the energy of 10 monkeys on NoDoze pills, she started one project after another and completed at (...)

Safeguarding Your Children

Dad's reaction and openness about sin, and God's hatred of sin gave us assurance in dealing with the world when Dad wasn't around.

Beginning With Words

For weeks now, my two-year-old has had the obnoxious habit of repeating himself over and over. At first I continued to answer him patiently – the same answer ten times in a r (...)

Homeschooling as a Way of Life

For many, "school" is the main focus in "homeschooling." As for me "home" is most important.

How Training Pays Off

One of my earliest memories is standing outside in the springtime in a shirt and panties watching Mom and Dad work in a little garden plot with great enthusiasm.

Sunshine or…

Hand in hand, I’ve walked beside Him In the sunshine of my days. And with joy I’ve always followed Down the flower-strewn pathways. He has led me with his blessings Far from all my (...)

He Touched Me

Struggling in the crowd Jostled by the throng Desperate just to touch Him

Reinforcements Coming

There is a mighty army, Being trained to stand and fight, A battlefield of soldiers…

Mountain Ma and Pa

O, so much ter do So much ter be done! The work’s never through An the work ain’t much fun. No thanks fer yer labor No pay fer the job” Jest “What’s fer supper?” (...)

Tot’s Talk

I overheard two little tots. Discussing in great length Just why their mamas spank them. It made me pause and think. “My mommy spanks me when she’s mad,” I heard a young voi (...)

Two Fathers

Once there were two fathers In houses side by side. Each had a little boy The apple of his eye. One raised his son in love and care And made him to obey.” He taught him from (...)

Cause I’m Young

Rebekah Pearl, 12 years old

“Wusay, Wusay, Ai Yanday!”

"Welcome, welcome, our sister/friend!"

Mama’s String of Pearls

Mama’s string of Pearls began When Mama met that big Pearl man. He smiled at her and Mama knew No other Pearl would ever do. The string was tied and soon twas’ clear (...)

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