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Mom! Mom! Mom!

If you are a mom you have heard it: the “Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!” chant. My husband thinks I have a secret power of blocking it out. He, on the other hand, hears it just fine, and it d (...)

Training Of Mama

Are you cultivating wise habits in your children at a young age? Habit training early on can reduce later issues! 
 As a young mother, I began to watch and take note of the d (...)

A Wise Son

“Ponder the path of thy feet, and let all thy ways be established.” Proverbs 4:26 Have you watched your little one as he waddles, crawls, and stumbles his way across the earth? Sev (...)

A Walk Through Our Archives

The Ant by Shalom (Pearl) Brand There once was an ant named Christa-Christa (Gracie’s favorite name), who lived on a very big farm. One morning in early Spring, when the dew was s (...)

Bossy Boys and Independent Girls

When raising a son or daughter who has a gift for leadership, it is so much fun to guide their commanding personality. So let’s talk tips for raising these strong, confident (...)

Never Underestimate the Need to Be Needed

Do your kids feel that they are a vital part of the family "team?" Everyone-- even the youngest--needs a job to help the family; it causes them to build confidence, and feel (...)

Ponder the Path of Thy Feet

Right now your children are small and trusting you to help them climb the little hills. Help them do it (but don’t do it for them) and when they are grown they will climb the (...)

Sneaky Kids, Naive Parents

Ever wonder why some kids are so sneaky? When I became a mom, I gave special attention to training my children to be open and forthright. I wanted honest children, not (...)

Gearing Up for Homeschooling

Here are my tips for homeschooling in 2018!

Little Man: Then and Now

Then A father has no greater joy than to have his son look up at him with a smile and say, “Da-da.” Every day when Justin gets home from work, our son Parker, who will soon be one (...)

Great Reward

My parents put us children first. They used each opportunity that was given to them to mold us in love, and now with their faithful example I am striving to do the same.

Steps to Obedience

No! This command is much needed, but can be so overused that the child never listens to it.

The Power of Our God

To witness a miracle is an amazing thing. It changes the person who experiences it, and works faith in those who hear of it. It brings great glory to our all-powerful God!

Training Starts at Birth

Every parent trains their children. They train them to scream and pitch fits, or they train them to be sweet and obedient, but the child is trained either way.

Justin and Shalom's Traveling Adventures

We are on our way and what an adventure it is going to be! I just want to thank everyone out there that supports No Greater Joy and let you know that you are a blessing to (...)

Three Types of Children, Part 4: A Balance...

In previous issues I have discussed the three natures of a child: the Prophet/Visionary type, the Priestly/Steady type, and the Kingly/Command type of child. Each type has (...)

Three Types of Children, Part 3: Building ...

In part 3 of her series on raising the three types of children, Shalom talks about how building confidence in your laid-back, steady child is an everyday job—to let them a (...)

Three Types of Children, Part 2: Kisses an...

What can we do as parents to encourage our visionary/dreamer type kids? Face the fact that they are different. They don’t always follow the status quo. Let them dream, but d (...)

Children's Personality Types, Part 1

Each of my children has a unique personality. Gracie, my nine-year-old and firstborn daughter, is strong, confident, and sure of herself. She is a go-to-girl type. She has an (...)

A Treasure Laid Up

A few weeks ago my husband and I put something on layaway; our little baby boy went to be with Jesus. He was only a couple inches long, yet he was a soul, a life, a baby.

NGJ Kids: See a Need, Fill a Need

Do you ever look around and see a need that you can fill? No matter how small you are or how little your gift, God can multiply your gift to bless many.

A Vision

Hitting the road.

Little Mikey Makes a Wise Choice

Little Mikey told his friends that what they were doing might be fun, but was wrong, and he hurried home. Mike chose to honor his dad and mom rather than dishonor them.

Reaching the Heart

Providing a sanctified environment is not enough.

When Dirty Diapers Land on Your Head

“Why is God allowing this to happen to ME?”

NGJ Kids: Know How, No Fear!

All last week our learning project was about how to build a shelter. We YouTubed, looked at books, and watched Discovery Channel shows on surviving in the wild.

NGJ Kids: Vampire Bats!

“Whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, them.” Matthew 7:12

School Adventures

School is fun when you look at it as an adventure in discovery and learning.

NGJ Kids: Jingle Bells

Did you know that there are around 925 million people going hungry worldwide? There are millions of children who are so hungry they cannot even walk and their hair will not grow (...)

This is from the Preparing blog site. The girls are discussing Shalom’s article in the Sept/Oct 2012 NGJ magazine, “Where Are the Men?” It caused quite a stir.

Daddy's Pride and Joy

Make sure your kids know that you are proud of them in the little things, so they will want to make you proud in the big things.

Where Are the Men When You Need One?

The girls are ready, trained, and waiting for their man to come find them, but the men are not finding them. Why?

Blessing of the Lord

My dad saw himself getting busier and busier, and he wanted more for his family, and “more” wasn’t material things.

Passing the Torch

We asked our kids to list a few things we had taught them that they knew they wanted to pass on to their children. Here’s what three of them said.

The Responsibility Train

He is quite happy being a part of the family train, and we are so happy to see him moving up in position.

NGJ Kids: November-December 2011

Have you ever made a wish?

Have You Ever Made a Wish?

Did you know that God tells us in his Word that if you want wisdom all you have to do is ask?

The Flower House

A little patient parental flexibility can go a long way towards encouraging the creativity of children. Learn about Shalom's girlhood flower houses and pretend meals served (...)

NGJ Kids: September-October 2011

Wisdom We all know that it is not good to call our friends mean names, or take toys away from them, or push them down. But did you know that sometimes you can make them sad (...)


We all know that it is not good to call our friends mean names, or take toys away from them, or push them down. But did you know that sometimes you can make them sad by just (...)

Last Preparing Bible Study

For our last week one of the girls that is preparing to be a wife, acted as hostess and set up and decorated a beautiful tea table. And the other girls helped by cooking some (...)

The Power of a Story

Shalom Brand uses a story from her own childhood to help reinforce a lesson about deception for her daughter. See how the mystery of the red blanket was solved and how a (...)

Throwing Anger in the Garbage

For little Laila, whining and crying was becoming a habit. Her mama, Shalom Brand, enlisted the help of big sister Gracie to make anger their common enemy. Soon they found (...)

NGJ Kids: May-June 2011

Happy Mama “Mama, why are you grouchy?” the little boy asked his mama. She answered, “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be grouchy. Will you pray for Mama to be happy and have wisdom (...)

Happy Mama

It can sometimes be difficult to understand their meaning, but children's prayers are precious! Shalom Brand reminds little ones that God is happy to answer a child's prayer (...)

A Little Child Shall Lead Them

Daddy leaves to run errands. They're all out of dog food! Will Daddy remember to pick up food for the family pet? Find out what happens when Gracie prays for God to remind (...)

NGJ Kids: March-April 2011 - Peanut Butter

It is just your tummy making noise; it is telling you that you are hungry. How would you like a spoonful of peanut butter? Here comes your big brother. He can get it for (...)

Greasy Peanut Butter

Mike and Debi's daughter, Shalom Brand, recalls a time when her jokester older brother got a lesson in natural consequences, and she learned that bacon grease tastes NOTHING (...)

Preparing for His Obsession

Benefit from the experience of wives that have learned to adapt as their husbands become obsessed with an all-consuming project. Discover how to keep things in perspective (...)

Team Player

Things may not look perfect when you let your children participate in your daily activities, but the rewards will be worth it. Bring them along and let them know they are a (...)

The Little Men

Parker is already well on his way to being a little man. He loves being outside working with Daddy, eating dirt, and testing anything he can get his hands on.

Bossy Flossy

There are times when bossing is not only okay, it is critical.

Building Trust

In the past I have come across people, children and adults alike, that are not trustworthy. You can guarantee that they will take everything you say or do and run straight to (...)

The Ant

That night, as we were eating the food that we had harvested that day, Gracie told her dad the story of the Ant and the Grasshopper...

Adrenaline Rush

Of special concern is how we as parents help our sons survive the most powerful force of their growing-up years that they will ever encounter;the girl-crazy years.

Husbands and Wives in the Making

Show your daughter how wonderful life is by being an example of joy and creativity. Treat your little boys like men, and expect manly responses. Don't demand that they be (...)

The Gift of Wisdom

Who said God would not give wisdom to a four-year-old? When I spontaneously began to laugh with thanksgiving and joy, Gracie wanted to know what had made me laugh. So I (...)

Learning to Share

Gracie has learned that it is better to have a little sister in the way than to play by herself in her room.

Hippy Mom

My daughters will be wonderful wives and mothers. They will be fully-equipped in all good matters of the home. They will be cheerful, thankful, delighted in their husbands (...)

Baby Potty Training

First, you must let go of everything you have been led to believe about potty training. Stop using all the standard excuses: "Well, I just don't have time. It is too hard. I (...)

Learning With a Purpose

I am a young mother and just beginning my homeschooling years. I am learning as I go along. Every day has new challenges. I have been working with Gracie, my oldest child who (...)

God’s Story Coming Alive

From the time I was a baby, Dad and Mom taught us stories from the Bible. I remember us kids sitting on the floor as Dad went through the Old Testament, telling the stories (...)

Building On Rock

I have told my husband more than once that I hope the Lord will come back before my children reach teen years, so that I will not lose any of them to the world. Then yesterday, I (...)

Bad Days?

"Do I ever have a day where everything goes wrong and the children will not stop crying?" I sure do.


Gracie will be turning three in October. I told my mom last week that I was going to start schooling her this year, and Mom said, “You have been schooling her for almost t (...)

Potty Time

Our children come into this world without a single habit.


My husband is a mechanic, and in his line of work he meets all kinds of different people, because everybody needs their car worked on at one time or another. There are at (...)

My Love Story

Every girl I know who has a desire to find a good man and raise a family has the same fear. Will I find the right one?

This is Your Box

You Can Play With This

Training a Child to Come

Cheerful training early on can save on later discipline

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