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How our family is preparing for COVID-19 or Coronavirus


Listen to Debi Pearl and Shoshanna (Pearl) Easling sharing their thoughts on how to prepare for (and maybe prevent) the COVID-19 (coronavirus). Debi’s daughter, Shoshanna, is currently pregnant and sharing her game plan on staying safe and healthy during this … Read more

March 20, 2020 (0) comments

Training Babies

How do you raise hardworking, cheerful children who look for ways to serve those around them? It’s easy when you start on day one. The day they are born, training begins.

June 19, 2018 (1) comment

Shoshanna’s Testimony

I sat in church one morning listening to my dad preach. I had been “saved” a few years before. I remembered the time I had cried and asked God into my heart. I hung onto that moment when I cried … Read more

February 15, 2017 5 comments
Learning God Cares About Little Things

Learning God Cares About Little Things

I remember the first time I asked for details in a prayer and God knocked me off my feet in surprise. He cared even about the little things

August 12, 2016 (0) comments
Why I Don't Have Fat Kids

Why I Don’t Have Fat Kids

As a kid I was trained to eat to live, not live to eat. I was taught that food makes your body healthy or unhealthy, lean or fat, that overeating was gluttony and gross.

June 15, 2016 4 comments
How Do You Keep Marriage Alive?

How Do You Keep Marriage Alive?

Last week someone asked me, “How do you keep a marriage alive?” Here is my answer.

April 15, 2016 6 comments
Jeremiah and Penelope

Waddle Like a Penguin

I would walk behind the seed dropper and waddle like a penguin. My little feet pushed the soil over the seeds and lightly packed it. The feeling of success and accomplishment was overflowing.

May 15, 2015 (0) comments
Prudent but not a Prude

Prudent but not a Prude

My parents were artists, and in between shows they conducted a ministry with men and women in the military—Sailors and Marines—in Millington, TN. I was three years old when the Navy started closing down the base school, and my parents … Read more

February 13, 2015 6 comments
James & Shoshanna

Becoming His Kind of Woman

My Dad was not the type of guy to check with you before he made a decision. We would be driving down the road when all of a sudden he would pull in to a restaurant and say, “Let’s eat!” as he was getting out of the car…

October 15, 2014 12 comments
Life Homeschooling

Life Homeschooling

Growing up, homeschooling was our way of life. It was part of every job, every fishing trip, and everything we did as a family. Most of the time we did not realize that we were learning.

June 13, 2014 4 comments
Kohlrabi Salad

Healthy Kids Homeschooling

One thing that really stuck with me as a kid was what I learned about good health. Dad was always into gardening organic vegetables, and Mom was always teaching me about herbs. Today I still live and love those subjects.

June 13, 2014 2 comments
Learning to Spend Money Wisely

Learning to Spend Money Wisely

Life is better when shared.

October 15, 2013 3 comments

Homeschooling Balance: Part 2 with the Pearl ladies from the Big Texas Shindig

, and

Do you know how toothpicks are made? Teach your children how to think.

August 30, 2013 (1) comment
Learn to Choose WIsely

Learn to Choose Wisely

My goal is to train my children to perceive the value of wise choices.

August 9, 2013 (0) comments
Learn to Choose WIsely

Aprender a elegir sabiamente

La semana pasada yo conducía a casa con mis hijos Jeremiah y Penélope en el asiento trasero después de haber salido de la oficina. Estaba absorta en mis pensamientos planeando el contenido de mi próximo libro, Making Vegetables [Cultivo de … Read more

August 1, 2013 (0) comments