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Demolition is always fun. We’ve been tearing down the porch, carport and roof to build a new room for Daddy Bill to stay in.

April 20, 2011 (0) comments

My House

This is where I lived for the 9 months I was at NGJ. This is Mike and Debi’s house that they built when they moved here. Mike said that the framing was up in a week and the house finished … Read more

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The Z

Here’s Mel’s beloved car. It seems out of place here in Perry County, but it definitely matches Mel.

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The Best of Both Worlds

No matter how advanced NGJ gets technologically, the staff still drives a ½ mile churt and gravel driveway, passing gardens, a pasture with cattle, and wooded areas on the way.

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Debi’s Greenhouse

Debi’s greenhouse vegetables are coming up nicely!

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Sweet Juice

Debi’s Sweetener—Fill a clean worcestershire sauce bottle with water and add about a teaspoon of dry stevia. Shake well and let bottle sit open in a warm area for 2-3 days and—voila!—you have a no-calorie, healthy sweetener for your tea … Read more

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NGJ Office Humor: Potential Suitors?

Apparently, Perry County is not the best place to find a husband. A survey was done here to find out what a woman wants in a husband. The results came back and were somewhat surprising. A man needed only one … Read more

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Ice Cream

Here are some of the children helping me make homemade, healthy ice cream. Yuuuuummmmm!

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Pizza Day

Pizza • 2 ½ cups of whole wheat flour, or • 1 cup of whole wheat and 1 ½ cup of white flour (for fluffier, lighter crust use half and half flour) • 1 Tbsp. of sugar • 1 Tbsp. … Read more

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NGJ Office Humor

We’re very sympathetic around here. 🙂

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Did You Know?

Debi recently told me that one of the most toxic foods consumed is strawberries that have been sprayed with chemicals. Do your research and you’ll know why.

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Debi’s Garden & Greenhouse

This past week Mike and Debi got this fence put up around one of their gardens to keep the chickens out.

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NGJ Office Humor: Not Your Average “3 Preachers” Joke

I recently heard one of Mike’s famous, er, infamous, jokes. I’ll pass it on in simplest terms: There was a Jewish rabbi, a Catholic priest and a Baptist preacher camping in the forest. A bear came and chased them, first … Read more

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Preparing Bible Study

Every Wednesday night we get together to have a Young Girls Preparing Bible Study. We have snacks, talk about boys, and we go over the chapter that we all read at home during the past week. We share and read … Read more

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We’re all excited about Michael Pearl’s new project. He’s been busy studying for a video he wants to make that will help everyone, from children to adults; understand the “Revelation of Jesus Christ.” Please pray for this project.

April 5, 2011 2 comments