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Bible Quiz Winners

Bible Quiz Winners for May-June 2014

Bobbie Sue Johnson

Congratulations to the Bible Quiz winners for the May/June NGJ Magazine! Click to view the names of the winners.

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From Behind Bars

From Behind Bars

Debi Pearl

Here is a letter from one of the inmates behind bars at the prison where Mike ministered.

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NGJ Worldwide Ministries

NGJ Ministries Worldwide Licensing Agreements

Mel Cohen, CFP, RTRP, General Manager

As we move forward with licensing agreements we expect that our combined sales through licensed books will continue to outpace our domestic sales by a wide margin. This is our area of growth for 2014 and beyond.

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Justin & Shalom's Traveling Adventures

Justin and Shalom’s Traveling Adventures

Shalom (Pearl) Brand

We are on our way and what an adventure it is going to be! I just want to thank everyone out there that supports No Greater Joy and let you know that you are a blessing to each of us here at No Greater Joy.

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Mealtimes at the Smoky Mountains Shindig

No Greater Joy Ministries

Mealtimes at the Shindig are great opportunities for fellowship and meeting new friends. Ridgecrest is offering three meal plan options. Choose the one that works best for your family and purchase your meal plan today by calling 800-588-7222.

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Happy Couple

Bible Studies for New Couples

Ben Sargent

From the pages of In Search of a Help Meet, Ben Sargent’s 7-lesson “Bible Studies for New Couples.” Young men, you can use this as a guide to learn together the basic principles that will help you and your prospective bride build a glorious, God-honoring marriage (or to learn if she is not the woman for you).

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The BIG Book of Homeschooling (Kindle)

The BIG Book of Homeschooling – Now Available on Amazon Kindle E-Book

No Greater Joy Ministries

The big homeschooling book from Debi Pearl is now available as an e-book on Amazon Kindle! Look inside and buy now

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Whose side are you on?

Debi Pearl Weighs in on the IBLP Situation

Debi Pearl

Whose side are you on? On Facebook last week I read these words: “I just rejoiced to see that huge ministry fall and I helped.” I trembled as I read this. Read more

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Bible Quiz Winners for March-April 2014

Congratulations March-April Contest Winners!

No Greater Joy Ministries

Congratulations to our March-April Bible Quiz contest winners: Johanna Henderson (OH), Peter Osborn (TN), Chloe and Lynn Snyder (TN), Martha Nolt (KY), Joshua Newman (TN), Lorena Kleinsasser (SD), and Seth Wilson (MS).

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Homeschooling News

Homeschooling News, May-June 2014

Bobbie Sue Johnson

Interview with a young boy in the community who is a missionary to the United Arab Emirates! Yes, he lives right here in Cane Creek but is spreading the good news to people in the UAE using Facebook, iMissionaries, and Good and Evil!

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