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Debi Pearl shrugging her shoulders

I tried!

Debi Pearl

We have a pile of smashing ideas, and lots of folks willing to help us see it through, and we still have plenty of time to find a good place for big families as well as singles. Read more

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Rick Batson, missionary to the Philippines

Rick Needs a Generator! Political corruption hinders Gospel presentation

No Greater Joy Ministries

Please prayerfully consider helping Rick purchase a generator by donating to Philippines Missions today. Read more

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Kids tents

Missions Update: TJ

No Greater Joy Ministries

TJ can now purchase THREE vehicles and have some money to add much-needed shelter for his family on their little farm. They have a very small house and the children are sleeping in tents right now. (They still think it’s fun!) But monsoon season is coming and they would like to have some hard shelters built for them.

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Thank you!

Thank you!

No Greater Joy Ministries

Thank you! TJ’s goals were met and he has ordered his vehicles. Field report to follow shortly…

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TJ & Family

Please Help Us Help TJ


Everyone here at No Greater Joy Ministries and the Church of Cane Creek loves TJ Slayman and his family. It has been our pleasure to watch this young man grow in the Lord’s work. He has been a faithful servant … Read more

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Back in the Saddle

No Greater Joy Ministries

Mike’s back in the saddle again, the “saddle” of his Kubota. It is one of his favorite places to be. Thank you Isaac and Kim Bohannon of Dooley Tractor Co. (DTC) in Athens, TN for the tractor parts and technical … Read more

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Debi Packing Orders

Did Debi Pack Your Order?

No Greater Joy Ministries

So many orders! Debi stopped writing and decided to come get in on the fun. Did she pull your order? Check your invoice for initials DP.

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Michael Pearl, 2012 World Champion Knife Thrower

Michael Pearl, 2012 World Champion Tomahawk Thrower

No Greater Joy Ministries

Great news—Mike is the 2012 WORLD CHAMPION Tomahawk Thrower! He also narrowly beat a Frenchman and a Canadian to win the most coveted gold cup for knife throwing in the US.

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Main Session

Big Shindig a Huge Success!

No Greater Joy Ministries

We want to thank the attendees of the Big Texas Shindig for their part in making it a success. It was a great time of fun, fellowship, and encouragement. Check out the photos of all the excitement. If you attended, send us your own photos and testimonies to [email protected].

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Shindig Registration is Now Closed!

No Greater Joy Ministries

Registration for The Big Texas Shindig is now Closed. Please Pray for everyone’s safety while traveling and during the Shindig and that everyone is encouraged and blessed. If the Shindig is successful we plan on doing more! For additional questions … Read more

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