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Yell & Tell Reaches Amazon Top 100!

No Greater Joy Ministries

On November 2 & 3, we hosted a blitz to promote the new book “Samuel Learns To Yell & Tell” on Amazon. We reached the Top 100 with a best ranking of 75.

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A Good Report

No Greater Joy Ministries

Mike and Debi are back from Kentucky. God blessed the meetings with the Plain People.

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Michael Pearl’s Latest Drama!

No Greater Joy Ministries

Last Wednesday (October 20) Mike was cutting a two-by-four on the table saw when it caught and was pushed through his arm. Photos included.

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A Missionary Trip

Mel Cohen, CFP, RTRP, General Manager

My wife Pat and I went on a 10 day Missionary Trip to Belarus and Ukraine on behalf of NGJ. It was during the time of one of the worst heat waves the region has ever seen.

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Belarus Missions—Breaking the Ice Since 2000

No Greater Joy Ministries

Though for 130 years they missed such a hot summer, the heat could not dry the souls of American missionaries who watered the hearts of thirsty Byelorussian.

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Missionary Life in Ukraine

No Greater Joy Ministries

Here in Ukraine, anyone who isn’t Catholic or Orthodox is considered a “sektant” (member of a sect or cult). The mere mention of attending an evangelical church is usually met with fear, skepticism and even anger.

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NGJ Opens Booth in VCRS 2010

No Greater Joy Ministries

Come visit No Greater Joy’s booth at the new 2010 Virtual Christian Retailing Show!

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Splash for new show Pearls of Wisdom

NGJ Launches New Show—Pearls of Wisdom

No Greater Joy Ministries

Come watch the new Pearls of Wisdom show on YouTube and!

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The Preparing to Be a Help Meet Amazon Blitz Was a Great Success!

No Greater Joy Ministries

Out of over 2.9 million titles offered by Amazon Preparing To Be A Help Meet reached the Amazon Top 100 on 2 days.

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Michael Pearl

My granddaughters laugh with joy after giving their baby dolls a spanking for “being naughty” because they know their dolls will grow up to be the best mamas and daddies in the world—just like them.

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