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Sowing and Reaping

Johnny Taylor

The cover picture of the March-April 2010 issue of NGJ Magazine featured children preparing fall seeds for spring planting. Those seeds were stored and later planted in Spring with the anticipation of a fall harvest. You know the Biblical principle of sowing … Read more

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Last Preparing Bible Study

Shalom (Pearl) Brand

For our last week one of the girls that is preparing to be a wife, acted as hostess and set up and decorated a beautiful tea table. And the other girls helped by cooking some delicious desserts. As we sipped … Read more

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Blueberry Hill

No Greater Joy Ministries

This is Pearl’s Blueberry Hill. Shalom and her children, as well as the rest of the grandkids, love to come and pick berries in the late afternoon.

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Picking Green Beans

No Greater Joy Ministries

This past week, Shalom, Gracie and Laila gathered lots and lots of Green Beans to be canned today so we can enjoy them this Winter.

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Weekly Recipe: Fast Donuts (Not Healthy)

No Greater Joy Ministries

Use any canned biscuits from the grocery store, put a hole in middle, drop into “hot” coconut oil, fry, and turn until golden brown. Sprinkle powdered sugar, cinnamon, or honey on top.

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Cane Creek Fun

Debi Pearl

Cane Creek volleyball is very serious and competitive play!

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Meet the Staff: Mel


Mel is the General Manager at NGJ. He and his wife Pat came here from Texas five years ago and with his expertise he has greatly expanded NGJ’s influence. Having heard him talk during lunch times, I, personally, think he’s … Read more

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Peppermint Tea

No Greater Joy Ministries

This is Parker’s first summer to join in on picking Peppermint tea. He can’t decide if he likes it or not. The tea is easy to make by rubbing the stems together in a pan of cool water, then straining … Read more

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Debi’s Birthday Chickies

Debi Pearl

Remember these cute chickies, born on my birthday, May 22nd? Haven’t they grown!

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Polish Couple

Debi Pearl

An amazing couple from Poland visited us a few weeks ago. We were blessed by their love for God’s teaching. He is a publisher. He told us he got a call from a Polish lady who now lives in the … Read more

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