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TJ’s Coming to Texas

No Greater Joy Ministries

TJ a missionary in SE Asia will be speaking at some churches in Texas if you interested in hearing about his translation work and printing ministry in SE Asia, or if you would be interested in having him speak there is no church to big and formal or to small and informal.

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TJ & Family

TJ’s Homecoming

No Greater Joy Ministries

TJ and his family will arrive back in the USA on March 21 for a six-month furlough. If you are interested in hearing about his translation work and printing ministry in SE Asia, please contact Kathy at No Greater Joy … Read more

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Help With a Bigger Mission

Mike Richardson

Mission accomplished and now a bigger mission! I was once again brought to tears upon seeing God’s hand at work in the lives of people. I just received the following email from the Director of Family and Children’s Services in … Read more

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Richardson Family Update

Chuck Joyner

I spoke to missionary Mike Richardson and he received donations for 5 wheelchairs, 6 walkers and 15,000 pounds of food to distribute. Now, instead of providing a week’s worth of food to 100 families, he can provide for 500 families. … Read more

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Missionary in Need

Debi Pearl

Mike Richardson is a faithful man ministering in Mexico. He has been burdened to pray for the President of a large crime-ridden city in Mexico. This past week, Mike Richardson talked to the President and asked what could he do … Read more

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Mexico Missions Need

Mike Richardson

I have been asking the Lord for an open door in this city and I believe that the Lord has just swung the door wide open and he used four simple words – how can I help?

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Mongolia Update

Mickey Cofer

The Cofers Missionaries to Mongolia I am increasingly grateful for what God is doing and more encouraged than ever over the potential impact of the printing ministry. Mongolians are a traditional, story telling people and most responsive to a narrative … Read more

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Pray Faithfully


The Gaudets Missionaries for Bible Translation In our morning prayer meeting, our staff prays for God to open doors in Libya, Bahrain, Pakistan and other nearby countries through the unrest that is currently happening. As we work on translating Scripture … Read more

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Southeast Asia Update

No Greater Joy Ministries

“The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light: they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the light shined.” Isaiah 9:2

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Missionary Life in Ukraine

No Greater Joy Ministries

Here in Ukraine, anyone who isn’t Catholic or Orthodox is considered a “sektant” (member of a sect or cult). The mere mention of attending an evangelical church is usually met with fear, skepticism and even anger.

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