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A Blessed Year (A Word from Mike)

2015 was a blessed year at No Greater Joy Ministries. The US subscription to our magazine continues to increase, presently reaching about 42,000 (...)

What have Mike and Debi been up to?

It's another hot, humid day in central Tennessee, so you'll probably find Mike and Debi starting up the old Jeep renegade and rounding up the (...)

Have you read "This is the Last...

So many readers have been contacting us to tell us how much they are enjoying "This is the Last Righteous Generation" that came out in our June/July (...)

Springtime is Creative Time

Mahi Mahi in Hawaii

Where are Mike and Debi?

Mike and Debi are speaking in Hawaii! The will be doing several special events at Crossroads Kauai on topics such as homeschooling, parenting and (...)

Great White Throne Tracts Are Here!

We were so excited to see the truck pull up to deliver the first printing of the Great White Throne gospel tracts! We are now shipping them out (...)


Big Papa and the Brand grands spent the morning out netting crawdads on the Tennessee river!

Spring Has SPRUNG at Cane Creek

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