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Letter Archives

No Greater Joy answers scores of letters every day. You can now read selected letters daily and the Pearls’ response. Each letter has been edited to protect the identity of those involved.

The Pearls also cover a myriad of situations in the Articles section. The Bible says, "Seek and ye shall find" (Matt. 7:7). We pray that as you read through the articles, you will find your answers.

Mike and Debi are frequently engaged in writing books or articles and may not be able to respond directly to all the questions and letters submitted. The NGJ Staff will do their best to fill in where possible.

Bug-Eyed Buzzard

Our next-door neighbor and his wife constantly give us and our three daughters gifts and sweets: every holiday, every (...)


I have a question concerning self defense in the home and while "out and about" with my children. My husband wants me to get (...)

Twelve-Year-Old Molester

I have a very serious question. I go to a small church, which I love. We are all very close. My best friend also comes (...)

Food on the Floor

The I was reading one your articles about emotional self control. My 3-year-old daughter is constantly throwing her food on (...)

Babbling in the night

We are having problems with our three, almost four-year-old daughter and I can't help but think it is spiritual. We have (...)

Pulling the baby apart

I am in a blended family (marriage has been rocky since the start) and believe that my husband degrades and humiliates my (...)

Hard Speech

I have had something on my heart for some time now that I was wanting to share with you. It is a question really. But first (...)

Gap Answered

Genesis chapter 1 records God’s creative works during six 24-hour days. But the first two verses record God’s work of cr (...)

Money: Should I accept opportunities funded...

What is your opinion of sending college age Christian students to a college that accepts scholarships funded either fully or (...)

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