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Letter Archives

No Greater Joy answers scores of letters every day. You can now read selected letters daily and the Pearls’ response. Each letter has been edited to protect the identity of those involved.

The Pearls also cover a myriad of situations in the Articles section. The Bible says, "Seek and ye shall find" (Matt. 7:7). We pray that as you read through the articles, you will find your answers.

Mike and Debi are frequently engaged in writing books or articles and may not be able to respond directly to all the questions and letters submitted. The NGJ Staff will do their best to fill in where possible.

Troubled Son Needs New Environment

I am a mother in a situation I believe to be desperate. I have a troubled young son. Many times I have seen God's love and (...)

Calvinists Answered

I’m writing to ask, “Where is the consistency?” Your newsletter regularly promotes the book, The Other Side of Calvinism. It’ (...)

One Upset Lady

Debi Pearl: I just finished reading your book Created to be His Help Meet. I must say that it was the most disturbing thing (...)

Military: Soldier saved in Iraq

I wanted to share this encouraging letter from a serviceman that we know serving currently in Iraq. I had requested (...)

Adopted Molester

It has come to light today that our 10-year-old adopted son has sexually violated our 3-year-old birth child. My husband (...)

Imputed vs. Imparted Righteousness

“There is a man in my community who claims to be a preacher. He is preaching Romans 5:9 means that he is perfect. Now I (...)

Abused Wife

My husband has a hard time with his temper and hits me occasionally. I have learned that I get hit if I ask him to do (...)

Prison Chaplain Requests Good & Evil...

Being a small, new ministry, our budget is limited and we are constantly seeking good Christian materials for our men (...)

9th Grader Seeks Humility

Humility is not the trait of thinking of self as of less worth. Humility is not thinking of self at all, whether good (...)

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