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Back in the Saddle

Mike’s back in the saddle again, the “saddle” of his Kubota. It is one of his favorite places to be. Thank you Isaac and Kim Bohannon of Dooley Tract (...)

Michael Pearl, 2012 World Champion Tomahawk...

Great news—Mike is the 2012 WORLD CHAMPION Tomahawk Thrower! He also narrowly beat a Frenchman and a Canadian to win the most coveted gold cup f (...)

Back in the Saddle, Again

Mike is back in the saddle — not on his tractor yet, but soon. Here he is, with his back brace off, throwing knives. He says his throwing a (...)

Answer to Prayer!

Praise God for blessings beyond what we ask! Mike’s surgery went so well that he will not have to return on Tuesday for a second surgery. Thank y (...)

It’s Time to Pray for Mike

It is time to pray for Mike. Some time ago Mike broke his lower back. It never really hurt that much, but his hip hurt, so he thought that was the (...)

The Fruit of Child Training – Webinar...

Now available in our video archives - The Fruit of Child Training webinar, originally aired Live on June 21st.

Live Online Webinar: The Fruit of Training

On Thursday June 21, Mike and Debi will be joined by some of their adult children for a Live Online Webinar, to discuss how they are enjoying (...)

Michael Pearl does another interview with...

Dr. Drew gets Mike's perspective again, this time in regard to a recent case involving a man accused of making a child eat screws.

Interview with The Christian Post, Part 2

The child training debate continues with Part 2 of Michael Pearl’s video interview with the Christian Post.