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Ongoing Rights Agreements

We just received copies of the newly-published Created to Need a Help Meet in Polish! This is the result of a commercial rights agreement (...)

Update: Are You A Good Person?

Some of us at NGJ have been distributing this tract for several years, and its simple and to-the-point presentation got Mike’s attention. He w (...)

Year-End Tips on Giving

Make sure your charitable gifts have an eternal perspective. Think about the long-term effect of your donation.

No Greater Joy Fiscal Year End Report

Although we had a great year financially compared to the last two years, we encourage you to continue to support NGJ financially to allow us to (...)

Year End Gifts

Time spent before the end of 2012 determining the best ways to make your charitable gifts, can help you stretch your charitable dollars (...)

Become an NGJ Distributor

This is a great time to start a business or ministry as a NGJ Distributor! There is plenty of opportunity.