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iMissionaries Testimonial: Erick

My name is Erick. I am 23 years old and I work full time doing construction. I am participating in the iMissionaries project because I want to (...)

Euro Team Outreach, Week 2: Success in...

The second week of CMO 2013 ended Tuesday, June 25th. There were a multitude of trials, hardships, blessings, and comforts that the CMO team (...)

Euro Team Outreach: Our Best Canceled Film...

On the morning of June 13, we all set off for the Carpathians to distribute invitations for our first film showing. Our destination was a small (...)

Rick is Purchasing a Generator!

Thank you from the Batsons and NGJ for your generosity in providing the funds for Rick to purchase a generator. Political corruption will no (...)

Missionary to Philippines Needs Generator

Due to the prevalent political corruption, the Filipino schools often experience unscheduled power brownouts, which can last for several hours (...)

Missions Update: TJ

With great humbleness, we would like to say THANK YOU to all who gave to TJ and his family these last few weeks, months, and years.

Rick Needs a Generator! Political corruption...

Please prayerfully consider helping Rick purchase a generator by

Missions Update: TJ

TJ can now purchase THREE vehicles and have some money to add much-needed shelter for his family on their little farm. They have a very small (...)

Thank you!

Thank you! TJ's goals were met and he has ordered his vehicles. Field report to follow shortly...