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Vickie Jackson, who was inspired by our book, “Created to Be His Help Meet,” wrote a sweet chorus “to sing during the day to help me remember to be a help meet.” Let it bless your day, too!
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Created To Be His Help Meet showed me the changes I needed to make in my life that ultimately led my husband to Christ. Created To Be His Help Meet is simply the best book I’ve read in conjunction with the Bible on being a Godly wife.”

~ Candace Cameron Bure, Actress, Author & Speaker, Growing in God Ministries

“ When I received your book Created To Be His Help Meet, I literally devoured it! I learned much on how to be a good help meet and about our Christian walk in general. We learned of a couple who separated, the wife was advised to give her husband her terms and basically live without him. I gave her a copy of your book, (she agreed she’d like to read it, having heard of it in the past). I called her one morning and she was an unbelievably changed person! She was ready to fight for her husband and love him. She wants him back desperately! She’s realized how wrong she has been and is determined to change. From what (she has said) her husband is definitely a Mr. Steady, it sounds like he does want things to work out. I am so thankful for God’s intervention and the change in her heart! It amazes me to think that we so often brush off what God says, thinking we have better ideas. ”


“ Thank you for sharing your life and heart in Created to be His Help Meet. Who would have guessed that a trip to the library could totally transform and ignite your marriage? I couldn’t wait to read your book. Instantly I started following your advice. My husband and I have been married for 12 years and had a great relationship, but now it is absolutely incredible.”

~ H.C.

“ I am writing to thank you for your book Created To Be His Help Meet. I did not think I needed it because we have a good marriage. Well, I did not realize what I was in for in reading your book and how the Lord would deal with my heart and show me how I was in rebellion to my husband’s authority and how selfish I really was. My husband is elated and is daily praising me as the new wife that he is so pleased with
I also had realized that I was resisting him in the sexual area of our relationship, but did not know what to do about it, the Lord did indeed direct me through your book.
My husband is a ‘Command Man.’ In fact, he said he is going to command all the men at church to get this book for their wives! Ha! Ha! He made this comment without knowing that you wrote anything about a ‘Mr. Command Man.’ I surely wish I had put these Biblical principles into practice years ago.”


“ I’m so excited! Submission is a choice I am responsible for! I’m not brainwashed by the word! I’m not a doormat; I am brave. I’m not a martyr; I am standing by my man because I see God’s perfect plan, and in the end I am happier and so is my husband.(Not trying to toot my own horn – just figured it out). ”


“ Last year, a lady in the church poured out her heart to me regarding her failing marriage, so I ordered several copies of your book Created. I gave her a copy and decided to read the book myself to see what it said. I thought, ‘Surely I don’t need any help – I already have a perfect marriage!’ (My husband is a Mr. Steady.) Boy, was I wrong! Your careful, practical exposition on the truth of the Word has been the tool which God has used to transform my marriage form ‘perfect’ to indescribably glorious. The joy I have discovered, plus the peace, cannot be adequately expressed in words The change in my precious husband- oh, it brings me to tears of joy!!
Obedience is blissful, and fun. I never thought I would be so free to work so hard & love it so much! Now that my eyes have come to clearer sight of my life’s calling, I can also see around me the pressing need for the women of the Body of Christ to return to the plain truth of God’s word. ”

~ Carol

“Blessings to you! First of all I want to thank you for your book Help Meet. It was exactly what I needed! I was following down the path my mother went. Your book stopped me in my tracks and turned me around. The results have been incredible! My dear husband is in love with me again! Oh, the JOY of being able to love him exactly the way he is! I don’t have to be his conscience or make sure he does this, that or another thing. He’s an incredible husband and wonderful daddy to our kids. The crazy thing is, I honestly didn’t know that I was going down the wrong road in our marriage. Your book made it very clear! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

~ F.I.

“The Help Meet book has totally changed the lives of many ladies in my church and now those women, along with myself, are sharing it with those outside of our church. It has had its bad reviews but when we younger girls began to put it into practice, it just exploded the mindset of women in our church. I am so excited about your ministry and the lives of your family. It has all helped in shaping a better direction for my family and the way I look at family. Your books are being passed all over the states. ”

~ B.G.

“ I stand in awesome wonder at what the Lord has done in mine and my husband’s life. Three years into our marriage, we got saved. My husband had been into hard drugs in his teens and I had been a heavy drinker and done some drugs. As I grew older, and more so after I was saved, these things were not a temptation to me any longer. I assumed this was the case for my husband as well. The three years that followed his salvation were the hardest time I have ever been through. He became mean and verbally abusive. I felt I didn’t even know him. I tried everything: lots of prayer, talking, keeping quiet, pleasing him, threatening to and actually leaving at times. Nothing worked. Then he told me he had been using methamphetamines almost daily in our bathroom before he went to work. I could hardly believe it, but things started to make sense. I didn’t trust him any more – he wasn’t who I thought he was. We had a huge fight and I moved out. But all the time, there was this still small voice saying to me, ‘You must obey Me, I can give you beauty for ashes.’ On and on the battle went inside me. I moved back home, but realized I didn’t feel the same about him any more. I became cold and indifferent except for that still small voice speaking to my heart saying, ‘You must obey me; I will bless those who obey me.’ Everyone agreed that our marriage was over and I had a right to be happy. Everyone, that is, except God. I wanted to please my Lord, and knew His way is the right way, but I was still miserable and struggling. I thought that if my only blessing in obeying God may be that my son will not come from a broken home, that he may learn how to be a godly man, then that will be enough for me. I prayed for God to change my heart toward my husband. I can look back now and see how God was beginning to do it. He began to teach me what I should have been taught my whole life but rarely exists in the world today. We moved to a new church were I was given a book written by an aged woman who could teach me how to be the woman God intended me to be. To think that I almost threw this all away, I almost destroyed my life. I have never really met anyone who actually found greener grass on the other side. It is six years since my husband has been clean from meth (not even one relapse). I love him so much, I can’t even begin to imagine my life without him. God gave me beauty for ashes. Isaiah 61:3. ”


“ Debi, thank you for writing Created to be His Help Meet. I would like to share a testimony to encourage you.
The vast array of challenges in my life had all come together this year and pushed me ‘over the edge.’ I was in a desperate place of depression, suicidal thoughts, and had resorted to sleeping, crying, fits of anger, and ignoring my children. I had been seeing a Christian therapist who finally recommended I take prescription medication for my depression and anxiety. I agreed. Everyone who knew me agreed- our pastor and his wife, our friends, our mentors… everyone except my husband.
At first I was really upset that he said ‘no’ to medication. He’s so steady and level-headed; nothing ever bothers him. How could he relate? He didn’t believe medication would deal with the root of the problem. And instead of fighting him on the issue I chose to submit. My husband was granted two weeks’ leave from his job in the military with only a day’s notice (this NEVER happens) and came home to care for me. I had lost hope and surely thought he was in over his head, but he didn’t give up. He cared for me, the children, and the house, all three of which are high maintenance. And he didn’t just come in and just maintain life, he trained us all.
By the end of the two weeks I was slightly rested and restored, and had some ‘tools’ to work with to resume my responsibilities in the home. But I wasn’t ready yet, and anxiety regarding the coming Monday was really getting to me. My husband took the children for the weekend and allowed me to go to our church’s ladies’ retreat overnight. The Lord finished the healing over the weekend and I was ‘cured’ of my depression just in time for Monday morning.
I still struggle and have to take every thought captive before they drag me down, but through it all the Lord remained faithful, as He promised. I never took one pill for my depression, and am now extremely thankful that I honored my husband and didn’t rebel for the sake of professionals and trusted friend’s advice.”

~ A.S.

“ Just wanted to say a big thanks for Debi’s book. I laughed and cried my way through it as the Lord brought me to repentance after years of bitterness. How wonderful! Praise the Lord! Your frank, down-to-earth examples and point-by-point use of Scripture is so needed and refreshing in this day and age of psychobabble. Burdens have been lifted, and I look forward to many years of a glorious marriage, Lord willing. From the wife of a non-garbage-carrying COMMANDER! ”

~ K.J.

“ I wanted to let you know how much of a blessing Created To Be His Help Meet has been in our marriage! My husband is a non-believer and I always thought that because he wasn’t saved, I didn’t need to be submissive. BOY, was I wrong! Your book was an eye-opener and I am happy to report that my husband and I are closer now than ever. I just finished reading To Train Up A Child. Oh my, do I have work to do! We have 4 children, ages 11,7,5 & 1. They were getting out of control but NO MORE! Thank you both for sharing your wisdom and love for the Lord and for following God’s leading in your ministry. I would not be a happily married wife right now if not for these two books. Also, I have loaned Created To Be His Help Meet out to several friends who are now practicing their submissive skills. I also enjoy sharing with other ladies what I am doing as a submissive wife to an unsaved husband and the responses are astronomical. ”

~ S.P.

“ I wanted to tell you “Created” is the best book – besides the Bible that I have ever read! I read it slowly, it was overwhelming to me to see how wrong I was – yet I really wanted to know and to change. The truth can hurt & be freeing at the same time. Debi- left no stone unturned – left no excuses for woman to hide behind. Thank you so much! ”

~ S.D.

“ I read the book “Help Meet” and it changed our marriage. I ‘m married to a visionary and have struggled with our relationship. Your book has put our relationship into perspective and has allowed me to appreciate the man that I married as he is. ”

~ E.S.

“ I LOVE your Help Meet book! I read it all in one night, just couldn’t put it down. I’m glad you wrote the truth, not many want to live by the Bible’s truths. Your book is refreshing and helps me. We all need an occasional tune up!!!!! ”
~ A.D.

“ Thank you so much for writing this book. I am buying a copy for each mom on my son’s sports team. They all have agreed to use it as a bible study supplement!!! A few are believers, but most are hearing the Word of God for the first time. ”
~ T.T.

“ A big thank you for being an honest and truthful writer. As I learn to respect my dear husband, I see a man changing before my eyes. The biggest things I’ve learned are that I’m not his Holy Spirit and cannot convict him of his sin. My cup is over flowing! ”

~ B.M.

“ Thank you for you’re pure Bible teaching, and for making it so simple and understandable. I used to be a wife who was rapidly tearing down our home. Now I respect and honor my husband, and just plain delight in him. I finally cut all the bonds I had placed on him. They are gone. Once he was set free from them, he turned his heart toward me in a way that he never had before. I have had the pleasure of seeing him really grow as a man and start loving the Lord again. I learned how to enjoy watching a baseball game or races on TV. I learned how to enjoy serving my man, joyfully. ”
~ K.H.

“ I have read most or parts of your book “Created” several times. God has used that book to totally change my life and marriage. We now have a “Heavenly Marriage”. My husband and I have been married for 40 years. We lost the first three-quarters of our marriage. My husband played university football, so he has the tendency to compare everything to football. He smiles and says we lost the first three quarters, but the fourth quarter’s ours. ”


“ Thank you for your ministry and your perseverance to hold out the light of truth to our generation. I see some of the negative responses and attacks you come under and I’m thankful that you keep fighting the fight. Our family has been very blessed from reading your material. My five beautiful children are glad that you have helped me to keep Christianity real. My husband is especially thankful that I read “Holy Sex” and “Created”. A few months ago we were out on a date and I asked him if he had any goals for our relationship. He said no. I thought, “what?” His answer surprised me. He said, “I don’t know what happened, but a few years ago you got cool. You stopped being offended by things and aren’t high maintenance anymore.” I read a little bit of Debi’s book daily and allow God’s truth to sink into my heart. Our marriage is definitely becoming more and more “heavenly.” ”

~ D.C.

“ I was in the Ukraine for a two-week missions trip and when I got home, I sent a few books to the great interpreters I met there. One sent me this reply. “Thank you very, very much for the book you sent me. I have read several books on marriage. I’m sure it was God who told you to send this wonderful book at a time when I stopped even thinking that anything could change. It has not only changed my life but my family situation too. My husband asks me almost every day what have I read and it makes him happy just to hear my answers. He really enjoys me reading this book I don’t remember him enjoying any other ‘ladies’ Christian book.” I was to tickled to think that this “good word” from the GOOD WORD is spreading across the ocean and infiltrating other hurt marriages. The Ukraine is a country ravaged with failing marriages and I pray this seed starts a fire! Also, I wanted to tell you we are in our third week of a “Created” book study at our church and it really seems to be touching some lives deeply. ”
~ Jennifer

“ Thank you for “Created to be his Help Meet”. Thank you for your candid and direct words. It is a little hard to swallow at times, only because there are so many areas that I have felt convicted of sin. Without knowing it I justified many things I did, I realized how off base my thinking had gotten. It’s one book I’m holding onto as if my marriage depended on it…because it does. ”


“ I read “Created to be His Help Meet” and planning to read it again! It was a boost in the arm! Since I was 16 years old all I wanted to do was to be a wife and mother. God saw fit to grant me my hearts desire. I have failed many times in our marriage and have created issues I was not aware that I was doing. If only someone would have been as bold & candid as you, Mrs. Pearl, my marriage would have been sweeter for years. I continue to strive and thank God that he is there and that I am not alone!”
~ Mrs P.

“ I just wanted to write a note to let you know what a blessing your book has been. Months ago my mind was made up to file for a divorce. I was sure that I could live with out my husband and that my girls would be better off with out him for a father. His marijuana use, pornography addiction, pathological lying, and non-support of us had me convinced of it. I was in the process of filing the divorce papers, a couple days before that, my mother gave me “Created to be His Help Meet” and I began reading it. I decided that being a “Christian” woman it was worth while to at least try the Bible’s way. I’ve tried every other way, even followed pastor’s advice, my parent’s advice, etc., etc., etc, all with the same end result: file for divorce. After reading your book I realized for the first time that God’s way is for me to love, respect, honor, and OBEY, no matter what. I now realize that my husband may never change, but that’s not what’s important…God wants me to change. For the first time in my 3 years of marriage, I have peace. Right now he lives in another state, with the goal of buying a home and moving the rest of us in with him as soon as possible. All though I only get to talk to him by phone, my whole demeanor and attitude towards him has changed and we have finally stopped fighting. It’s been amazing! I finally have a realistic idea of what God created me to be. Thanks for writing such a wonderful book and teaching us younger women.
. ”


“ I Want to tell you thanks for writing “Created to be His Help Meet”! Finally a book that tells me what I can do whether he reads it! Although we have a good marriage, I’m always looking for ways to improve it, but always end up frustrated because he wouldn’t read the books on marriage. This one was just for me! It covers so many situations! I have wanted to order a case for a while to give as gifts. I was finally able to do so. I also really enjoy your newsletters; have for years. I feel as though you are all family. ”

~ Mrs. J.

“ Thank you for your ministry and your perseverance to hold out the light of truth to our generation. I see some of the negative responses and attacks you come under and I’m thankful that you keep fighting the fight. Our family has been very blessed from reading your material. My five beautiful children are glad that you have helped me to

“ In your book “Created to be His Help Meet,” you touched on one topic in one chapter, and I wonder if you have any further writings on it. It is in regard to inappropriate friendships between married women. I’ve noticed that in some friendships with other wives, they seem to have higher expectations of me emotionally than I am able to meet, to the extent that there has been a “break-up” when I can’t or won’t go any further in emotional closeness. It is very strange. I see wives drawn and encouraged to commit emotional adultery with other women, usually because they have told each other that their husbands are not equipped to meet all of their emotional needs; so form these emotional attachments that are beyond normal friendship. It would seem that they are betraying the intimacy they should have with their husbands by this type of friendship. What are your thoughts on this? ”

~ A Reader

Debi answers:

This type of emotional relationship between women is a facet of homosexuality. It is UGLY, filthy, and an unclean abomination. Break all such relationships off now, and consider yourself fortunate to have escaped.”

“ “Created To Be His Help Meet” has really helped me understand what I was destined to be. I have spent years trying to figure out my purpose on this earth. All along it is simply to submit, reverence and honor my husband every day of our married lives. I have been practicing God’s plan since I started reading the book, and I have been reaping the fruit of my labor. My Mr. Steady, is now in command leading our family into spiritual victory. He has been daily reading the Bible, sharing things of God with me, playing with our children in his spare time and holding me and telling me I am beautiful. I must say that following his leadership is a whole lot easier than I thought. I am enjoying my newfound freedom. Since I no longer spending my time dwelling on what needs to be changed I am now able put that energy into home schooling, keeping a clean home, and creating delicious meals. I praise God for showing me the easier road because the hard one was killing my feet and our marriage. My days are filled with happiness, and the candles are burning in celebration. ”

~ Set Free

“ “Create To Be His Help Meet”-brought real help into our marriage of 25 years. I came from a family that didn’t love the Lord as did my husband. Neither of us were taught real love and the Bible way. Because of many things that happened to me the passed year, I became bitter toward everyone. I took this book and not only read it, but used it as a teaching tool and looked up scripture as I read the chapters. I now have real joy. Our marriage is better because of it. ”

~ E.E.

“ I read Created to be His Help Meet during a time in my marriage when I knew there was trouble. I just didn’t know how much. My husband was having an affair….it crushed me. With the help of God I received a miracle. He wants to reconcile. We have two small children and I couldn’t be happier. But I am writing this to you to thank you for writing this book. Even though I have a lot of trust issues with him, I know that I can get through it with the help of God! Thanks again! ”

~ VL

“ I just finished reading Created To Be His Help Meet and am reaping the rewards. I cannot say enough about your book. I wish I could give every family I know one! ”

~ Mona

“ I would like to say a special thanks to Debi for writing Created To Be His Help Meet. My husband and I had only been married for 10 months, I could feel the tension in our relationship. I was turning into the usual nagging, controlling, bitter, wife. My mother-in-law sent me your book, I finished reading it in (2 days). I cried knowing I was not glorifying God or my husband, who deserved honor and respect. My husband is away receiving military training, I called him one night, when he got to the phone I cried and asked him for forgiveness. In his loving way he forgave me. I couldn’t wait for him to come home, so I could treat him the way the Lord wants me to. Surely my marriage would not have been a pleasant one if it had not been for God’s way through you and this book. ”

~ Kalyn

“ Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Created To Be His Help Meet has really blessed my life greatly. I was not taught the many things I have now come to know by reading your book. Now I am doing things God’s way which is 100% the right way no more guessing, I know for sure . Yeah!! I am letting God train me how to be a wife and mother, doing it His way not mine. God Bless you! ”

~ Pam

“ I can not begin to thank you for “Created”. I believe the Lord directed the book to me and I’m extremely thankful. It was a hard book for me to read because there was so much information in it so it took me several months to finish it. When I started grasping the truths in it and putting them into practice, I was and still am continually standing amazed at the drastic changes that were taking place in my life. It is amazing to watch, when I am obedient, how the Lord just works miraculously. Thank you again for your Marvelous Book!. The Lord has done a miracle in my marriage. ”

~ Amanda

“ We are missionaries in Africa and are so grateful for “Created to be his Help Meet” I am sharing it with anyone who would desire to read it. My husband says I am a different woman after reading your book. He is grateful and so am I. ”

~ Summer

“ I read Created to be his Help Meet and loved it! It’s true we young wives need to be taught how to love our husbands His way. Thanks! ”

~ Antonina

“ I finally “got” it. I’ve read your books and have your marriage tapes but they never sank in until now. I read “Created To Be His Help Meet” 1 ½ yrs. ago, and I thought I was doing it “right”, BUT, I still had uncontrollable anger, resentment, bitterness, neediness etc. So, when my husband was sent off to Boarding Officers School, I was up to my old manipulation games again. I hated myself for playing them, but I could not seem to stop. I read a book by another author that opened my eyes to the fact that I still expected that the world owed me something because of my childhood. As soon as I started reading this book I got a letter from my “Mr. Steady” husband telling me he didn’t care what I thought about him & he was no longer letting me lead. Here I was thinking I was right on with the wife thing. Well, I fell on my knees and flat on my face & and started really seeking God on this. I asked Him for wisdom. I started praying that if I chose not to change, that the Lord would send someone else to take my place who would be a help meet for my husband. I got serious with the facts. I knew then that I didn’t have any more excuses for my behavior.
I honestly thought that God would have to kill me and send someone else to take my place because my heart was so black. Little did I know that He would kill me, but in a much different way. I finally know what guarding your man means. Guard his secrets, covering his flaws with love & honor. My life will never be the same. ”
~ F.J.

“ Thank you for writing “Created to be his Help Meet” An incredible instruction book for women. I’m finally getting it and seeing myself in a different light. The book is very clear and most encouraging! I can’t wait to give my husband a new and improved wife. ”

~ Natalie

“ Several months ago I purchased a copy of “Created”. I had heard about it from a friend and couldn’t wait for the conviction I knew it would bring. I was right. As I read it, my spirit was drinking it in deeply, even as part of my flesh bucked up against it! But it has changed our marriage, my attitude and outlook so much, that my husband told me to buy a case of them and hand them out as God leads. I now only have six left! Both my sister and I are sharing them with most every young wife, or engaged woman we meet. I see a vast deficit in the church today-of proper teaching and understanding. I see so clearly how feminism has tainted the waters we drink in at services each week. I see so much more clearly why so many marriages are failing. I was married once before, for a very short time, I now have a deeper understanding of how I failed that man & wounded him. ”

~ T.G.

“ Debi’s book unlocked the mystery of how to serve God even when you think your husband doesn’t. We’ve been married for ten years, but have never experienced the joy we are just beginning to find now, because of my inability or unwillingness to grasp it! ”

~ Lindy

“ I have been reading the “Help Meet” book for two weeks now and my eyes have been opened on how to understand my husband (my man), and myself as a famine woman and wife. One morning, my husband said to me, “You’re so much more affectionate, smiling and fun the last couple weeks”. He loves to come home and have “Carie time”. God has been teaching me little by little over the last several years. Your book gave me specific knowledge, encouragement and direction. That’s what I love about your knowledge: It’s specific. You give real life answers to real life problems. ”


“ I loved Debi’s book, “Created to be his Help Meet”! Submission was not a new concept for me, nor was it difficult to implement willingly or earnestly but, I realized how very negative and selfish I have been in my clumsy and grudging submission. I have found a new joy in the simple act of honest smiling! Seems so simple, but it truly has been revolutionary in my home. Thank You!”

~ Christi

“Since I‘ve been reading your book, “Created To Be His Helpmeet” and putting on a smile and submitting, my husband has fallen in love with me all over again and tells me so, several times a day. I don’t think he really knows why or what is different about me, he chalks it up to Gods way of doing things. But I know I have found answers written out so clearly in your book to questions I have had for years.”

“ After 37 years of marriage we are still best friends and hopelessly in love but, I had gotten “dull” (I think I was believing the lies about age, menopause, and empty-nesting). Also, I was struggling to find my purpose as a stay at home mom with no kids. A precious friend sent me ”Created To Be…” I am out of the dark shadow and clearly and fearfully see my purpose.”


“ I picked up my wife’s book, “Created to be His Helpmeet”. I was blown away at the accuracy. It was like reading what was in my heart but could not express. With such depth, this book is inspired by the Holy Spirit. Never before has a book grabbed a hold of me like this, and not written for me as a man. My advice to wives would be to read this book with much thought and application. ”

~ Duane

“ I cannot express enough gratitude for your obedience in writing “Created”. God has been transforming me for many years and your book is a practical and challenging tool He continues to use to transform our marriage. I can not claim to fear God if I refuse to respect my husband! Communicating a grateful attitude, not only through words, but also through facial expressions and body language, has been my “assignment” since reading your book. I have reaped manifold blessings while applying these principles. Our hone is a refuge for my husband and family, that is what I’ve always prayed it would be ”

~ Deb

“ Hi, I just wanted to thank you for Created to be his Help Meet! I feel so free after reading this book! I can’t really explain in words how I feel. ”


“ Created to be his Help Meet is one of the most helpful books I have read!! ”


“ I have read your book “Created to be his Help Meet” I have found it to be a fountain of advice and wisdom that I can go back to again and again. May God bless your effort to teach us women to be whom God would have us be. ”

~A Reader

“ I am 30 years old and have been married for five years. I was not raised a Christian. Humanism and feminism were deeply rooted in my personality. I thought that the Lord had completely banished those things from me at the time of my salvation. I am so excited now to let go of all my selfish motives and agendas and ways of doing things and to have such purpose in my life as a help meet to my man. The way your book is written is so different from the popular Christian women’s books in the stores today. It is real.”

~ Mrs. C.

“ I have a dear friend that is a few years older than I am. She is so sweet, but she always would disrespect her husband. I didn’t feel it was my place to say anything to her. So I sent her a copy of your book. A few days later I got the best phone call from her. She had stayed up half the night reading. She said ‘she felt like she had been beating her head against a wall for the 13 years of her marriage and couldn’t figure out why she has a headache, and that you pulled her away from the wall’. She said that her husband was already noticing changes. Thank you for speaking the truth in love, it was received!”


“ I just want you to know how much I appreciate your book. It is helping me learn to be a better wife and mother.”

~ S.T.

“ I’ve read Created to be his Help Meet. It has changed my life and our marriage of 20 years. We now have a glorious relationship. Thank you for this blessing.”

~ Lauri

“I just finished reading your book on being a help meet. It is truly the best book I have read to date on marriage and godly womanhood. This book needs to be in the hands of every married woman (newly married to the aged). My husband knows nothing of my reading this, yet has made comments, such as, ‘I noticed you didn’t buck my decision on _____’ and ‘You didn’t badger me about doing _____’. I hope all the years ahead will make up for my lack in the past. I don’t have to worry anymore because I know that God is the captain even when my husband is steering. I know that I will experience greater joy for the rest of my life just by coming to understand these things.”

~ A Grateful and Joyful Wife

“Today I read the chapter about the three different types of men and was very surprised at my own reaction to the section on the Steady Man! It brought me to tears! I knew from the start of the chapter that my man was a Steady Man, but never realized how small I have made him by not realizing the wise and beautiful traits he has. I have hindered our family a million times by manipulating my loving, quiet husband. I thank you so much for the open and clear vision of who my husband is and of the awful thing I have been doing in getting in between my husband and his Heavenly Father. I can already see the amazing difference that will come if I rely on God for a gentle and quiet spirit in myself. God bless you!”

~ A.H.

“Whether it’s my work, my wife, or my daughter, I get up and face the challenges of the day, with the best intentions to be Christ like every second and every hour of the day. I give it the best I can.
Unfortunately, I also was getting trapped in the hustle and bustle of the day. I think I was giving, but I could tell the both of us were giving very rarely to each other on a personal level. A friend gave me the Help Meet Book to give to my wife and WOW. I think she read the book in a few days. The first day after reading the first couple of Chapters was amazing. I can remember it like it was yesterday, I came home from work, walked through the front door and WHAMMO!!!! My wife looked different. She looked awakened. She greeted me with a big hug, a smile, and a kiss and she said “How was your Day?. And I said, “Where is my wife?” Not the best thing to say after your wife greets you sonicely. The house was immaculate. The dinner was superb. The laughter and conversation was super. Her attitude was contagious Since that night, I have seen a joy in my wife’s life and in her heart not seen in quite a while. What an example she is to our young daughter.
I don’t know exactly what detail information is in the book, because it’s really for women, but I will tell you one thing. God Made Man, Man was alone, God Made Woman so Man was not alone. A Help Meet. So, God knew Man needed HELP.
So, through all the great things my wife does honoring God, I have straightened my
priorities to be head over my wife in everything, from making more decisions, to standing up and becoming a MAN OF GOD. Thank you for writing this book.”

~ Kevin

“ When Deb’s book was announced, we grabbed it up right away. My wife gave me daily reports on what she learned. The biggest breakthrough was the chapter on Mr. Steady, Mr. Visionary ( that’s me) and Mr. Command. At the time she read that to me, I was preparing a one-evening marriage class for our church on “The 5 Love languages’ and “ Your Personality Tree”. Deb’s teaching was so amazing, I felt led to add a section in my lesson to cover it. I basically just read out of the book because it’s laid out so well. The Mr. Visionary was a missing link to my personality that I was unable to put a finger on until I read the chapter on it. Now when I come up with one of my “ Great Ideas” my wife says “I’m holding on for another fun ride just like Deb said” . Thanks so much for not growing weary in doing good works. Your teaching has changed the destiny of our family and for this we thank you and praise our Lord! ”

~ Evan, Susan, and Joshua Money

“ My wife recently ordered and read your “Created” book. What a blessing! We have been married for a year and a half and have a precious little 9-month-old girl named Eliana. Let me say that my wife has gone from being a great wife to being a tremendous “help meet”, since reading your book. She read to me portions of the book as she went through it, and I looked through it as well. Having done so, I believe EVERY wife should read this book and read it with an open heart. It can greatly strengthen a wonderful marriage or save a struggling one. Why? Because this book is soaked with truths from God’s word and how to apply them. Man’s wisdom and “counseling” can do little to save or improve a marriage, because God created it and He knows how to make it work. I am a blessed, happy husband of a wonderful wife and mom,pursuing God’s leading. Just a side note, this is not a one-sided deal. We BOTH attempt to see and meet the needs of the other and by doing so we are drawn even closer together. Our pastor has said to couples, “Try to out-do each other in love.” If each partner focuses themselves in this way, marriage will be as God intended it, heaven on earth. Keep up the good work! ”

~ In Christ, Josh Sowers

“ I have been married for 25 years and wish I could have started out with your book! I have read it through 3 times and I’m sure I’ll be reading it many more times.”

~ Mrs. N

“ I have passed out 4 copies of Created to be His Help Meet. Most of these friends cannot stop thanking me for the amazing changes in their marriages and I cannot stop thanking Debi for writing the book!”

~ Becky

“ I just wanted to thank you for writing Created To Be His Help Meet. It has opened my eyes. I truly believe that my marriage has just started. On paper I’ve been married for 13 years but I am just starting to be a wife, a help meet. I’ve always been critical of my husband and always thought of myself as his conscience. I have learned to love him unconditionally and I have noticed a dramatic change in him as well! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

~ M.S.

“ As a wife, I lived many years exhibiting a Jezebel spirit, manipulating to get my way because I was the more spiritual one. As I have seen God’s blueprint for a wife that glorifies Him, through honoring and reverencing her husband, and surrendered as He shows me, I have seen our relationship mature and grow in ways I have never experienced before. My husband comes home from work, anticipating a home filled with peace and a kitchen filled with delicious food – and he is thriving in all areas of his life as a result. ”

~ Julie

“ ‘Created’ has been a direct answer to my prayers. My mother was at one time the best women I knew. But things changed. We blamed her irrational behavior on hormones. She now sits in bars nights and weekends. It plagued me that I too was going to go ‘crazy’ from hormones, and I had no control over it. Then I received your book. As I began to read and understand just what really happened to mother, the fears I had were just washed away. It was a miracle to me. To have my eyes opened to my true responsibility to God and my husband was uplifting and freeing. I just know that my husband and I are going to enjoy a closer, more loving marriage. ”

~ A

“ A friend loaned me a copy of Created to be His Help Meet. It has transformed my marriage. I in turn have given copies to several people. We are all seeing the fruit of change in our lives. Thank you. ”

~ Mrs. B

“I just finished your awesome book and really appreciated your godly advice. It has changed my attitude in general and my outlook on my marriage and family.”

~ Jennifer

“ After reading the book, I just can’t believe how this small, to me anyway, change has changed my hubby. I truly understand the verse that says that the husband may be won by the conversation of the wife! Many ladies in my church are getting the book. I couldn’t stop telling about it! My pastor’s wife immediately got her hands on it and ordered it for our church book store. I am amazed at what my role can do to my husband and children!”

~ Robin

“ The book is wonderful, and has given me a whole new outlook on my husband. We weren’t having major problems; we’ve just lately felt more like roomates than lovers. Your book has really shined a whole new light on things. After raving about it to my friends at church, they want me to lead a women’s Bible study using it.”

~ Marie

“ I just finished reading the book “Created to Be a Helpmeet” and I have read a few of your child training books. I simply wish to say that it is refreshing to read books published recently by people who actually believe the Bible. ”

~ John

“ A good buddy of mine gave me a copy of “Created to be his Help Meet.” It’s appropriately kicking me right in the seat of the pants. It’s funny, before I got the book, I knew I needed to change my life — so I quit my job to be with my kids (what was I thinking, putting them in Day Care — shame on me!) and be available for my husband — he’s a Pilot and we don’t get much time together, so I was tired of my job getting in the way of our fun. I think that my hubby and I have always had a “good” marriage, but I see lots of things that I can improve on that will make it heavenly. Thanks so much for your candor. ”

~ Erin

“ I am currently reading Mrs. Pearl’s book, “Created To Be His Helpmeet.” I can only say that I wish I’d had this book when I first married, yet I am thankful for God’s mercy in bringing it to me now. I am already seeing fruits in my life, as is my husband…who told me one day, “Wow! The past few days have been the best days we’ve ever had.” In secret, I cried tears of joy and gratitude of God’s mercy. ”

~ Vickie

“ I wanted to thank Debi for the book to wives. I think the key for me was in reverencing my husband. That has really made such a difference. I didn’t realize I was not doing this before. I thought just not showing disrespect was enough, but it’s more pro-active than that. He has been a christian but out of church for years. I started treating him as the spiritual head of our house, and what a difference! When I got out of the way, God could speak directly to him. Thanks for your help to my family. ”

~ Laurie

“ I read ‘Help Meet’ and my whole life changed, but I had this great burden I carried of trying to be this good ‘help meet’ to my ungrateful, unsaved husband…until I started listening to your free Romans download ( I laugh and cry at the same time while I listen. I can’t believe how free I am! I am free in Christ Jesus to walk after the Spirit, the flesh is dead and I am alive in Christ! Praise the Lord! Celebrating Christmas this year with my children with a smile that won’t leave my face, serving my ‘head’ with renewed energy and joy. My husband doesn’t notice; he doesn’t even really know me (a busy, commanding, visionary that I am happy to help). But I am sure he is enjoying the benefits, all this help without complaint. What is to complain about? I am being led by the Spirit.
I used to think “What about my needs?” “Don’t I at least get to talk to you once in a while since you are my husband, instead of just taking orders?” “What about a little affection or romance?” But he just doesn’t have the time. One night after a very exhausting day I was praying and realized this is God’s will for my life: that I be a help meet to this man. But instead of feeling the burden of something I didn’t want, I realized God knows best. This realization that to finish in me this work that He started, for me to do and be all He created me to be. I had to live this life and be “deprived” (that’s the world talking) of a friendly romantic relationship with my husband. It may always be a master/servant kind of marriage, but Praise be to the Lord, because I don’t care anymore. I am free and now when I tell my children to be happy, and when I say “OK” to my husband, “OK, baby, whatever you say. I love you,” I am saying it with a happy face. I think my husband is the most handsome wonderful man alive and someday he may think something good about me, but if not, Praise be to GOD, because I am free. I could never believe in the Love of God really, that God’s love is so good, had I not learned the lessons you taught me from Romans. Thank you for making it free. God bless you. ”

~ Laura

“My husband is a Mr. Command Man. Instead of feeling annoyed with his characteristics, I started enjoying them. I realized I was submitting to him 95 percent of the time, but submitting with a cheerful attitude about 10 percent of the time. I decided that I was going to submit with a cheerful attitude 100 percent of the time, and see what happens. Well, not only did my marriage do a complete turnaround, but the problems I had with my children seemed to diminish as well. My husband doesn’t come home grumpy and critical anymore. He is happier and we are all enjoying each other as a family.”

~ J. K.

“ I really enjoyed reading your book. We have a great marriage, but there is always room for improvement and new things to learn. My husband hopes this doesn’t wear off!”

~ Brenda

“What can I say? The first book that I’ve read that so totally spoke to my heart, inspired change from the depths of my being, and is based on Biblical truths. My only regret is that I had not read this book 25 years ago.When I read the description of The Steady Man out loud to my wonderful husband, he was touched that you knew him so well. And he was amazed that you could put into words who he is and how he thinks. While I still have regrets, I have the rest of my life to give him what he deserves, needs, wants…and that is my heart’s desire.”

~ T.H..

“Everything that I am, my whole being thanks you. How many prison bars did you pry open with ‘Created to be His Help Meet’? I plan to win my husband ‘without the word,’ and with ‘chaste conversation.’ ”

~ B.D.

“ Thank you for ‘Created.” It has saved my marriage.”

~ Marie

“ A few months ago I was confiding in a friend some marital frustrations I was having. She told me about your Helpmeet book which had changed her marriage completely. I read it, cover to cover, and tearfully repented for the seeds of bitterness that had already begun to sprout in my heart. My husband has noticed an immediate change in me and our relationship. I am so thankful that I was able to read your book early in my marriage and am thankful for the frankness of its teaching. God has changed my heart and my marriage.”


“ I would like to offer a man’s perspective on the excellent book ‘Created To Be His Helpmeet’. My wife and I were having terrible difficulties in our marriage. Enter a dear friend that recommended Debi’s book to my wife. She commenced to reading it. Not too much longer I experienced the ‘firstfruits’ of the things my wife was learning in ‘Created…’. I was so angry at my wife one day, I got a speeding ticket. I was honest with the officer and told him that I deserved the ticket. When I got home I told my wife what happened. I told her that I was greatly encouraged by the officer when he complimented me on being upfront and honest. My wife’s response jolted me. She said, ‘Well, that had to feel good!’. No berating, no tart words, just encouragement. At that moment I found myself in a beautiful place, and I didn’t know how to act. I didn’t need to be defensive or on my guard. Since that time I can’t count how many times my wife’s kind and respectful words to me have been a source of refreshment. I am spurred on to be more Christ-like in my relating to her as well as walking more responsibly as a man. She is not perfect, and neither am I. But I have seen tremendous beauty in her, the inner beauty described in 1 Pet. 3. I did not know such beauty existed. So to end this letter, thank you, thank you and to God, a thousand thank you’s! ”


“ My friend loaned me the book Created to be His Helpmeet. I soaked in the pages of that book like a dry sponge. I am praising God for your writing–it has transformed my life. Thank you! ”


“ My husband is in the Navy and I finished reading ‘Created’ right before he left. He gave me the BEST compliment ever. He told me that he felt honored! I am 25 years old with 2 small children. So I am learning as I go. What an encouragment to hear that from my man!! He will not be back for several months. But I do plan to prepare for his arrival and strive to be all God wants me to me for Him and for him. ”


“ My husband’s aunt had given me your book to read, and I didn’t get very far before I felt compelled to write to you. That first copy of your book went into the trash. In your reply to my letter, you sent me another copy of your book, and that one, too, went into the trash, along with your letter, the day that I left my husband. A few months ago, I ordered yet another copy of your book. In starts and stops, I am getting through it. This time I am not filled with anger over what I am reading. I have been in amazement as I watch my attitude change about my husband and we are on the path of restoring our marriage, and will be physically reconciled as soon as we possibly can! Praise!Thank you so much for everything Michael and Debi Pearl. I am so excited that my husband and I have another chance for a heavenly marriage. It truly is a miracle.”


“ I just had to write to you to let you know that Created to Be His Helpmeet is the most amazing book I have ever read. M problems really began shortly after becoming a Christian. You see, it was then that I began to think I was better than my husband. He wasn’t the spiritual man that my pastor was, and so I began to be discontent with him. I also became discontent with my calling as a homekeeper at that time, ditching my children with babysitters so I could do a ministry at church, or attend a Bible Study, etc. If I had a prayer need, I would call (not my husband) but my pastor. My husband is Mr. Steady and, although now a believer, he is not overt in his faith like my church leaders. Therefore, I didn’t see him as a spiritual man, plus I was the one doing the spiritual things like Bible Study, etc. I badgered him ttithe, to attend this church function or that.I am sure it would not surprise you to know that it was at this time that I began to experience a multitude of health problems–emotional and physical–which I was not able to resolve despite seeing dozens of different doctors and spending thousands of my husband’s hard-earned dollars. Bottom line–I committed spiritual adultery for years, and it is only by the grace of our gracious Lord that my eyes have been opened (through your book). I threw away my joy–my husband, children, homekeeping–for the lie that I need to have the applause and adoration of my pastor and for the lie that my husband doesn’t know how to lead his family.I am grateful to you for your book. Even more, though, I am grateful to the Lord for opening my eyes to my sin and to the wonderful man I have married and to the high calling he has given me as wife/mother/homekeeper.
Blessings to you a thousandfold!! Thank you for boldly speaking TRUTH!!”

~ A Grateful Wife

“ My marriage is now getting better. We are remodeling our kitchen and when my husband decided to tackle the job himself I helped pitch in, not worrying about how long it would take to finish. The other day he leaned down and kissed me and I don’t mean a little peck. We had to take some private time, and it was the middle of the afternoon. Wow.”


“ Previous to reading ‘Created’ whenever a problem would arise with the children I would say ‘What would the Pearls do’. Recently I told my husband I really wanted to know what he would do with a particular problem. He stopped dead in his tracks! After he told me what we should do I just said ‘Ok’.”


“ The past few months things have come up in my marriage that have tested me as a wife. However I reacted in a positive way and wow. My husband thinks I’m wonderful. The more I try to please him the more love comes freely from him.


“ I have been married for almost 30 years and thought that I was a good, Christian wife. I see now the resentment and rebellion I had in my heart toward my husband. I have repented and changed my way and our marriage now is really sweet.”


“ Our marriage was good but now it’s awesome. We now have a marriage I have always craved.”


“ My husband isn’t sure what has happened to me but things have improved so much that our house is a fabulous place to live. My husband calls me all the time from work now just to tell me that he loves me.”


“ Are you tired of ‘Help meet’ stories yet? My husband didn’t think I needed the book, but said I could get it if I wanted to. Well, I loved it. With a houseful of children, hospitality, training, cooking, cleaning, schooling, and all the rest, my greatest source of ‘harried-ness’ was knowing which of all the things tugging at me was most important to do next. Now, I just ask myself, ‘What would help my husband the most?’ That clarifies so much. So soothing, restful peaceful. Thanks for years of great advice!”

~ Christine

“ People ask me how my husband and I had such a good marriage. I never knew what to tell them until I read your book. Now I can tell them BE THANKFUL.”

~ R.J.

“ I should have ordered this book months ago- Your book is changing lives and is the ‘talk of the town’. Our husbands are loving the changes they see.”


“ This book has given me a fresh desire to love and serve my husband. ”


“ I am enjoying reading your books… I am getting out of my self-pity rut and making my husband happy.”


“ My marriage is in the healing process now and I have apologized to my husband for my sin of not putting him first and loving him as I should. Although there has been no over night transformation, I can see myself changing as I put forth the principles laid out in the book. Each step I make, I see my husband change toward the better. He is becoming kinder and more patient with me. My marriage is mending after years of us being distant from each other in the bedroom and other places. Now I am placing an order for the book Holy Sex. Thanks so much.”


“ I am especially grateful for Mrs. Pearl’s book ‘Created to Be His Help Meet.’ One story in there especially caught my attention when I read it, the one about the Crazy Lady. I never quite understood what happened to my parents until I read that story. My mother started as a really great mom, loved her hard-working husband, and loved her kids. But she became very bitter when one of my relatives did something to my older brother that she presumed was sexual abuse (something that also happened to her as a child). She forbad us children from ever going over there again. My dad was a very laid-back easy-going man, never believed this person did that to my brother, and still talked to and visited this relative. Soon my mom told him to stop. He did not want to, and for years I could hear them arguing before going to bed. Then things got worse. Mom and dad would fight in front of us. After they started that, mom started threatening to commit suicide. Soon after that, my father made a mistake in some investments. We lost quite a bit of money and my mother was very bitter that he had made that investment. After all, she had been working, and part of that was her money. From then on, she never ceased to let him live it down. Then, my dad got right with the Lord. Before, my mom had always been the spiritual leader in the house. My dad had just done whatever mom had thought was best. My dad found a KJV Bible-believing church, and we started to go there. My mother was very upset with that church and didn’t like it at all. On the way home, would tell dad all the horrible things she observed at church that day. My father eventually was worn down and said we would stop going there. That day I cried all the way home. I had such a hunger to hear the Bible taught, that all I wanted to do was go to church. Things got really bad at home. My brother moved out because he wanted his freedom. My mom got worried and said we needed to go back to church. So, after awhile, we found a church she liked and started going there. It was too late. My brother never came back home. I started going back to the church we had left. Soon after that, I met my future husband, and we were married two months later. All through the wedding, my mother would act very strange. The day of the wedding, mom and dad got into an argument about stuff my mom wanted to bring to the reception that my dad told her not to bring. Other than that the day went well, and I can honestly say it was the happiest of my life. Soon, I got a call from my mom’s boss. They told me that mom was talking nonsense to herself at work and would stare at a wall and just jabber. They told me that she needed to see a doctor. So my dad took her in. They found a brain tumor. They gave her less than 2 years to live. My dad’s world fell apart. He had just recently started to work again after my mom told him that they could not live on his retirement, so he started to take lots of days off to take mom to the doctor. My husband and I took mom, dad, and my brother up to our house to live until mom died. At first, all went well but then she started getting delusional and thought we were giving her drugs that the Masons had poisoned. Soon she got violent and started hitting dad and the walls. She had to have a catheter and she wore diapers. She look so pathetic when I would change her. She was embarrassed to have her daughter clean her like a little baby. She got really violent and we had to put her on heavy drugs. One night, she started having a seizure and died. We all were at her side when she died. She looked right at me, and then her pupils got really big and she gave one last gasp and was gone. God was not mocked—what she wanted so bad before she died was a grandchild. I was one week pregnant when she died. She never knew she was a grandmother and never saw her grandbaby. My father now is a broken man. He married again, but his faith is almost gone. There is nothing absolute for him anymore. He was a man with a ready smile, always joking, always optimistic; now he is broken, crying often, and always asking why God let her die. I hope to never rule my husband the way my mother did. By God’s grace, I will be his help, not a contentious woman.”

~ A Reader

“ I think if you had looked up the name ‘Jezebel’ in the dictionary, it must have had my name and picture in there somewhere! I almost destroyed my husband, my children, my LIFE! Thank you so much for showing me a better way. I can’t believe how incredible our marriage is now! I didn’t even think it was possible! Proverbs 31:28 is so true. My husband and 5-year-old son keep on about how gorgeous mommy is and how’s she’s the best ‘cooker.’ Why would anyone ever want the old way? Thank you again. ”

~ A.S.

“ I just wanted to say thank you for writing ‘Created to be His Help Meet.’ It has helped me understand my Mr. Command man much better. He wants me to buy a new coat for myself – a pretty one. Well, I don’t really wear coats often, but I didn’t say anything and was wondering if I should. Then I remembered the washing machine story and realized this was my washing machine. He seems so happy at how excited I am to be getting a new coat and how I’m looking online to see what kind. Thanks for helping me see this moment. ”

~ Jena

“ I have never read a book that is so hands-on practical on the subject of what it means to be a wife. I would have said I was a very submissive wife before reading your book, but the Holy Spirit has used what you wrote to convict me time and again of certain ways that I haven’t been wholeheartedly serving my husband and letting him lead! I have to thank you, because your book has reminded me of what that looks like. As I observe families, I think one of the key ingredients in children submitting to their parents’ authority is learning just what respect and submission look like from Mom.”

~ J.G.

“ When I married my wife several years ago, I knew God was blessing me with a good wife. But, from time to time through the years, I have been a frustrated husband. Then my wife read ‘Created to be His Help Meet.’ God used your book to change her attitude. Now she’s on my side, she wants me to succeed, she wants my goals to be met, she wants to help me accomplish anything I want to. Thank you for writing the book. It is the most accurate, clear description of what God intended wives to be, and it has helped our marriage to grow closer to what God intended.”

~ A very blessed and thankful husband

“ I cannot tell you how life-changing your book ‘Created to be his helpmeet’ is. Why, just practicing only a few of the teachings has made a huge difference in my attitude/life. I must admit, there were times that I allowed myself to become offended by a few of your comments, but I kept my heart open and soon found that my pride was keeping me bound. Thank you so much for writing it. I’ve been on this 2-year journey of changing my attitude by His grace. Then, your book got into my hands this past summer to fine-tune my role as a Godly wife. I tout your book to all my friends who have been thinking like me…mostly that husbands are the dumbest creatures on earth. (Lord, Lord…forgive me!!!) ”

~ M.B.

“ I want to wholeheartedly thank you for your book; Created to Be His Help Meet. I am reading it for the second time now, and I can say that apart from Scripture this is the one book that will change the course of my life and the lives of my family. Thank you for not being afraid to put women in their place. Your examples and reasoning are exceptional. It couldn’t have been made plainer or simpler. My husband (a Mr. Steady) is now enjoying the benefits of being treated like a King daily. It has been three weeks now since I changed my ‘what about me’ attitude and put my focus on what I could do for him. Miraculously, I think I may be benefitting from this servant-hood and submission more than he is. Last night, I asked him if I had succeeded in making him feel like a king today. His response was, ‘Yes, you did, it’s just too bad that I have the harsh reality in between,’ (meaning while he is away from home working). After we both laughed heartily, I sat back satisfied and joyful, this was a great compliment and made all my sacrifice worth it. Serving him makes me joyful. I told my husband several days ago, in reference to the changes in me, that I feel like someone told me to get off my high horse and I needed to hear it. That person was you. I cannot thank you enough. I will be buying your book for future presents and wedding shower gifts. ”

~ D.S.

“ I recently read ‘Created to be His Help Meet.’ I was always taught that when you have a husband ‘like that’ (a Mr. Steady), that it is necessary the wife/mother assume the position of head, otherwise the marriage is like a chicken with its head cut off. Depression runs in some of the family women. Coincidence? I now think not. You mentioned that the wives to Mr. Steady are more prone to emotional disorders, and you nailed it on the head! I, too, am married to a Mr. Steady and have struggled with emotional strain, but I never though that it had anything to do with my marriage. I can now see that it is because I have stepped out of my rank as help meet and have assumed a position I cannot do. I choose now to fulfill my calling as Help Meet to my man. My girls will grow up seeing a mama who is happy and content and one who honors her man.

~ J

“I wanted to write and thank you for the book, ‘Created To Be His Help Meet.’ My husband told me I needed to teach a class on being a godly wife. My close friend made me aware of your book, and I knew ‘that’ was the book I was to teach. It has been such a blessing. Marriages in the class have improved, and it is exciting! Thank you for everything.”

~ F.L.W.

“Your book was life-changing. Outside of my Bible, no other book has made such an impact on my life. God really spoke to my heart while I read your book. I laughed and cried. I was convicted of areas in my life I had been refusing to yield based on my being ‘spiritual.’ I truly could not put the book down. Thank you for writing it and for the all the Scripture you used. I truly was blessed by your book. God gave me such peace.”


“Surely God gave you what you wrote. It was a very painful and convicting read for me, but at the same time a great blessing. I only wish I could’ve had it 26 years ago. But it’s never too late to learn and make the needed changes. Thank you for showing me the way. I appreciate being a recipient of you wisdom. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

~ S.R.

“Mum loves ‘Created To Be His Help Meet.’ It has really helped Ma with submission and obedience. And the home is quiet (instead of hearing Ma fight with Pa!). We are a happier family.”

~ C. (age 8)

“What a life-changing, marriage-repairing book. Not only my life and marriage, but others I know who have read it. It opened my eyes to so many things about myself that I never realized were hurting my marriage and my husband’s walk with God. I am a changed wife and mother. My husband and I are both helped spiritually since I’ve read this book. Thank you so much. For my husband, my children and I have all received blessing from my reading this book.”

~ J.G.

“I would highly recommend this book. Since receiving this book, I’ve committed to being my husband’s help meet. As a result, the other day, when he asked why the kitchen floor was sticky, I explained that our daughter couldn’t find the bleach, and had used dish soap instead. I happily told him I’d re-mop it that night. To my shock, he offered to mop it himself! He had already worked 10 hours at his job that day. He said he could tell I was trying hard, and he was pleased. We were both so happy. However, the floor didn’t get mopped that night. We sent our time together. Thanks a lot.”

~ T.W.

“God has been walking me out of many of the the ‘help-meet’ sins over the years , but you have encapsulated my lifetime of sin toward my husband in your book. Every married woman who is lacking joy should read this book. It is a struggle to change a lifetime of sinful habits, but by God’s grace I’m walking out of them and it feels good. Just ask my husband! God is good. There’s no place I’d rather be than home and no one I’d rather be with than my husband.”

~ L.P.

“’I wanted to say a huge ‘Thank you!’ for ‘Created To Be His Help Meet.’ A couple of days after finishing ‘Help Meet’, I was praying for God to show me what kind of woman I should be, but then I realized that womanhood is little all by itself, and as a wife and mother womanhood is irrelevent. My womanhood is lived out of my wifing and mothering. I realized that God had turned over the job of telling me what kind of a woman I should be to my husband. If I obeyed and served him and joyfully became what he needed, I would be the woman God had created me to be! It is so much fun to KNOW that I’m pleasing him and see his delight and ease. I just wanted to say ‘Thank you’ and I’m free!.”

~ H.L.

“‘Created To Be His Help Meet’ was the proper dosage of medicine my soul (and body) has needed for a long time. I almost felt like I underwent a deliverance reading it. I struggled in the area of complete submission, having been raised in a supremely feminist home. I only know that my marriage, children, and husband are indebted to your faithful vision.”

~ T.H.

“Just to let you know that you will probably never know on this side of heaven what a blessing your ministry has been to our church family. Godly submission has changed our lives. When we first started teaching this at our ladies fellowships, we had tears and tempers, but, by faith, we kept on keeping on. We are now a church with happy families. There is a direct line being drawn, and you can see with the physical eye the ones that implement what they learn and the ones that don’t. Thank you.”

~ G.B.

“Our marriage has been heavenly at times, and hell at times.Thanks to your book, which I’m only halfway through, I am gaining understanding in my ‘place, purpose, and privilege.’ I’m married to a Mr. Visionary, and yes, this IS an adventure.”

~ L

“Just finished your book ‘Created To Be His Help Meet’ and like so many other women, I read it with a completely open mind, and it has, and still is helping to change my once broken marriage into something Godly and beautiful!
Thank you!”


“A friend and I have been praying for some time about how we could develop intimate Titus 2 relationships. This book has been the answer we and our husbands have been praying for. As a strong-willed, determined and outgoing wife married to a wonderful, gentle Mr. Steady, I didn’t always like what I read, but I always needed to hear it. Thank you for changing my life, my marriage, and my walk with the Lord! After reading my husband the description and instruction for Mr. Steady, he said you were a genius . . . and he doesn’t throw that kind of compliment out lightly.”

~ Mrs. S

“It is wonderful! I’d heard some of it from others who had read it, and it rubbed me the wrong way. But actually reading it from the book, it was so true! Debi, I love your style in the book — direct and convicting, but still fun when it’s needed. I’d suggest if others have only ‘heard from others’ that they get a copy for themselves. Secondhand, it sounds like a plan to be a doormat, but reading the whole book gives you a bigger picture, and it has nothing to be with being a doormat! Thanks for writing it!”

~ M.S.

“Not long ago, I was ready to give up on our 10 years of marriage. That very week, a friend of mine came to my house and gave me a copy of your book. My husband is a visionary, and I’ve decided to jump on his roller coaster and go for his ride of life. We are happy again, and he’s making me laugh now. Thanks for helping me.”

~ N

“I’m only about 2/3rds thru your book ‘Created to Be His Help Meet’ and already it has turned my heart back to what it used to be when I was first married. My life story would be too long to share, but this past spring I felt I was losing my marriage and my husband. When I read what you have on the back of the book, I cried. I’m so thankful you got the book to me so fast! My husband is back where he belongs, in charge of the family.”

~ L

“Thank you, thank you, I am halfway through this book, and I cannot put it down! This has transformed my thinking and given me answers to so many questions about my role as a wife and a mother. This is sooo freeing! I am thankful for my wonderful marriage. I always thought I was a submissive wife because I loved Jesus so much, but have I got a lot to learn!”

~ A.B.

“My lovely bride has begun on her own to read Created to be His Help Meet. I must say the changes in her have been wonderful. Each night, she reads another chapter and puts it into practice the very next day. I cannot tell you how this has affected our married life. The arguments are now non-existent, because she doesn’t rebel against my requests, but honors me at every turn. In return, I want to be nearer, closer, deeper in love with her! Thanks for such a wonderful book!”

~ J

“Wow! Wow! I just finished reading Created to be His Help Meet, and I am in tears. There’s no doubt I am married to a Mr. Steady. I used to find myself thinking such mean thoughts like, ‘Why does he have to be so boring? Why is he so shy and quiet? What would it be like if I were here, or there?’ You helped me to see what a gold mine I have!”

~ A thankful wife

“I had a great marriage to begin with. I was totally happy. But reading your book helped me to see areas in which I was (ignorantly) hurting my husband. I can see the change in him. He feels more respected, I feel more treasured, and we both feel more fulfilled, as I am beginning to understand more of what a Christian marriage should be.”

~ M.H.

“My husband is mostly a Visionary and somewhat Command Man, but has made my life living with him very exciting. This book and Scriptures are really helping me out in seeing the wonderful traits my husband has. It is becoming so much easier to be obedient when God calls my husband to go here or there.”

~ R

“I wanted to thank you for having the courage to write ‘Created to be His Help Meet,’ and say the things that needed to be said! It has changed my marriage and my life. Growing up in a Christian home, my dad was the ultimate ‘Mr. Steady’ and my mom was the ultimate discontented woman. I got married to an ultimate Mr. Steady, and a few months into our marriage realized that I was just like my mom. Through a long, painful process, the Lord has put me on a path to becoming the wife HE wants me to be. However, when I read your book just a few short months ago, it was suddenly EASY and JOYFUL to be the great help meet I never learned how to be. I am so happy to have finally found a few answers to being a good wife, mother and woman of God. It’s what I’ve always wanted to be, but couldn’t put the ideas in order or their place. God bless you!”

~ M

“Received your book ‘Created to be his Help Meet’ and have let the Lord give me a grateful heart towards my ‘Steady’ man. I just told my mom the other day about this book, and that I could no longer talk negatively about my husband. After 2 days of a changed attitude, he went and bought me a brand-new vacuum cleaner, even though I was willing to take a secondhand one. I was tickled pink! I am very thankful that the Lord has given me a chance, and has put a woman like you to teach us younger women. In fact, I am so grateful, that yesterday I wept!”

~ S

“I have to report how the book ‘Created to be His Help Meet’ is doing in our church. The women can’t put it down! It has changed some very domineering women into joyful help meets (I am included in that). I can’t believe it. We are from the church of Christ and marriage has hardly ever been taught to us the way it has in this book-new concepts women are really pondering over now. My husband told me to order another box for the church! He is so happy that he and his brothers in Christ are finally getting the honor that they need 🙂 Please thank Debi for us for being so brave to write this much needed book.”

~ S

“With each chapter of your book I read, I say ‘Thank you!’ I’m weeping. . . I want to reverence my husband and submit to him in all things. I realize the more I do, every aspect of life is just better. There is peace! And joy! The way he loves me is amazing and incredible, and I am so grateful. It is so freeing to be who God created me to be, to be content and very thankful to say ‘this is my ministry’ to my husband and children. It is a wonderful and beautiful thing!”

~ E.R.

“I have played the fool for many years now, and tried to be Mrs. Command while married to Mr. Command-Visionary. I am sure you know the rest of the story. God has done a work in my life now, and I never want to be that way again. My husband has tried to teach me and show me the truth, but I did not have a teachable spirit. Praise God, I now want to please Him and my husband above all others. Thank you for your frankness, scriptural truths, and personal testimony. Wow!”

~ L.B.

“Through reading articles, I had a curiosity about your book ‘Created to be His Help Meet.’ Today, I read the chapter about the three different types of men. It brought me to tears. I knew my man was a Steady Man, but I never realized how small I have made him by not realizing the wise and beautiful traits he has. I have hindered our family a million times by manipulating my loving, quiet husband, and belittled his qualities, seeing them as weaknesses. I can already see the amazing difference that will come if I rely on God for a gentle and quiet spirit in myself, and submission to God’s purpose for us THROUGH MY MAN!”

~ A.H.

“I just wanted to thank you for being obedient to the Almighty and to your husband in writing this book that I believe will help change the course of this country. It changed my marriage and my course with God. My husband and I were separated at the time that someone lovingly gave me your book, and now we are reconciled and working on having an amazing marriage. What God is going to do!!! I’m excited that He loved me enough to work through your book to draw me closer to Him.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

~ J.S.

“For seven years, I thought I was married to a real jerk. In reality, I am married to a Command Man. I feel that all of my years of criticism really hampered him, and he was never able to rise up and become who God intended him to be. Since reading your book, I have been praying for him more, and with a good, loving attitude. I asked the Lord to help me show him the respect that is due him. Well, about a month ago, he walked into his boss’s office and said he wanted the job as department chairman. The boss asked him why he should choose him, and my husband said, ‘Because I have courage, and I believe that I am the man for the job!’ The boss promoted him and has since commended him on the leadership abilities he has shown! I am extremely grateful to the Lord for opening my eyes through your writing.”

~ W

“I have a wonderful relationship with my wife that has jumped into warp speed as a result of her reading your book on being a help meet!!!”

~ H.S.

“Thank you for the book ‘Created to be His Help Meet’ and for being so blunt so we could really see what you meant. There were a lot of things in the book no one had told me about. I am reading parts of it to my children to show them where my attitude was wrong, and I see the same attitude in them toward their Dad. I had also worried about not telling him something other people may have said, because I knew it would stir up the anger in him. But now I see that if I keep my mouth, it helps. I am talking about page 238 in your book. I am going to make a sign and post it in the bathroom to remind me to do my part in not keeping the fire going.”

~ W.R.

“Your book makes my heart sing! It is so strange to me that I never had to be told to be submissive to my husband, even during those years I was not born again. It seemed ‘right’ to me and made me happy. Even so, your book still helps as a reminder to be more attentive. Yes, we are still together and in love after 48 years of marrriage. I know it is because of submission. Submission is the answer to a better marriage, and in a hard marriage, submission brings us joy as we obey God’s Word. I have been ridiculed, and those who shook their heads in disgust, they are no longer married.”

~ A.L.

“What greater blessing could a man have than a cheerful, grateful, submissive, industrious wife?! Thanks so much for writing a book that all women need to read. Almost every woman in our church has read it. Our minister thought he might have some fatal disease that he didn’t know about, because he couldn’t understand the wonderful changes in his wife. Isn’t it amazing what our Lord can do with a woman who delights in the Lord, is submitted to her husband, and works for the Lord at home! Bless you.”

~ L.O.

“Last February, a lady at church had an armload of books, asking if we’d each like to buy one. If it was as good as she said, I decided to buy one for myself. Since then, I’ve gone back twice more for books, and my husband told me to order a box full of them! I have tried so hard to be the right kind of wife, but it was all in the flesh. The flesh sets conditions on kindness and fun-loving, and even then, it’s not satisfied. What a cycle we’ve gone through for years! But, we’ve had a taste of the real thing the past few months (marriage as God intended it to be)! We are so thankful to God for allowing you to tell us what was wrong in our marriage!”

~ M.Z.

“Thank you for your wonderful book ‘Created To Be His Help Meet’! We’ve ordered 6 cases, so far, and they are spreading around our church and beyond. What has really amazed me is the realization that my marriage is to be a heavenly pattern of Christ’s submission to the Father. What a revelation it has been to me.
A question: Do you have any insight on ‘types’ of women (like the three types of men)? Or are we more general, and our differences are how we respond in the flesh? ”

~ K.R.

Debi answers:

“Eve was created with Adam’s flesh, and in his image. We are a step removed, and thus, our types are more muted.”

“I am still reading Debi’s book. I feel so much comfort that I can breathe life into this man I call my husband ; people like Debi point the way to someone like me who was never taught these things. I have hope that I can change things through the power of God. The practical suggestions give me even more help. And believe me things have changed a lot already. Still, the battle rages on, and my weapons are love, reverence and joy and hope.”

~ Merry

“I appreciate your book ‘Created to be His Helpmeet.’ My husband grew up in a very close family. I enjoy and appreciate this, but sometimes it is difficult because, at times, I feel he hasn’t quite learned to leave and cleave. What’s harder is that his family still hangs on to him, like they are still trying to keep him a part of the family as an individual. Once in awhile, they do things together and I am not invited. I love his family, but sometimes I just don’t know how I can become more a part of things. Is this just something that will resolve itself in time? (We’ve only been married a short time.) How can I resolve these issues in my own heart? ”

~ Karen

Debi answers:

“Let him know you want to be #1 in his life. Then set out to win him to yourself. Make yourself his best friend, lover, confidante, and supporter. Win his heart to your heart.”

“I have reaped just a harvest in a little time from your helpmeet book. I get excited to sit down and read it. I’ve so longed to be perfect for my husband, as we are newly married, but I could not find anyone to train me. I have prayed so long for a Godly mentor woman who can truly train me how to be good to my husband. This book is everything I was looking for, and just didn’t know where to find it. We had a great marriage before, but it is just getting better and better. It is so fulfilling, just being a wife. Thank you and Thank you again.”

~ Christy

“Debi’s book is the best and has TRANSFORMED my marriage in a miraculous way. Now 7 other friends are reading it. Thank you a million times. My 18-year-old daughter was bleak about marriage. I did not model a submissive wife well. Now she sees the glow in my face, and she is relieved, knowing there IS a good way to a GREAT marriage!!!”

~ Kate

“The help meet book made me closer to my husband and made our marriage stronger. We have always had a shaky marriage, until now. I support your ministry 100% and am passing you guys onto our friends and their lives. Keep up the good work!!”

~ Mona

“I’m writing to thank you for speaking the truth in Created to be His Helpmeet. I was convicted by the Bad Bob story to begin dressing more modestly, and the section on Mr. Steady is helping me understand and appreciate my own big-teddy-bear of a Mr. Steady the way I need to! I thank you for sharing honestly and caring so much about helping others’ marriages to be happy.”

~ Patsy

“I’m currently going through ‘Created to be His Help Meet’ the second time. Recently, we received a phone call from a lady taking a survey on local businesses. She asked if I was ‘a head of household.’ I smiled and told her, ‘No, my husband is.’ She insisted, ‘Well, you are one of the heads of household.’ I laughed out loud. A month ago, I might have agreed with her, but tonight her comment brought to mind the picture of a two-headed dragon. Both heads were trying to go in a difference direction, so, getting frustrated, each began blowing flames and scorching the other’s head. I thought about how odd it is that we even consider a two-headed household as normal. I mean, if we saw a two-headed sheep standing out in the field, we’d rightly think, ‘There is something terribly wrong with that!’ Our society is full of two-headed monsters. It’s good to be on the outside. Eventually, I might have figured this out on my own, but I’m glad to have had the privilege of being taught by Debi to be a proper help meet and keeper of my home!”

~ Lois

“WOW! Created to be His Help Meet is by far the best book (outside of the Bible, of course) that I have ever read on being a wife and mother, and I sure have read a bunch of them! Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time to write this book. My husband wants to submit a top ten list – the top 10 indications you know your wife got the new Debi Pearl book.(wink). For example, you know your wife has read the book if she is wanting to make love twice in a day!!”

~ Kathleen

“THANK YOU for this wonderful book, Created to be His Help Meet. I’ve been struggling with some things in our marriage (my husband is in the military and I had never wanted to be an Army wife-separations are hard.) Many people in both sides of our family have “sympathized” with my situation, even “spiritual” people I know, which made it even easier to feel sorry for myself. Now I know I need to tell them that my husband is a wonderful guy and yes, the military is not what I would have chosen, but I’m behind him 100% anyway. You have really hit the nail on the head in many different ways for me. If it were not for the word of God and good Bible teaching from godly people like yourself, I would most certainly be ending up like one of those many bitter women you have described, and every one would have thought it my husband’s fault!”

~ Melanie

“All these years I have searched for the right way, tried to do it all right, while disobeying God’s main will for my life. Things ended up in chaos and tension. It wasn’t until I ordered your book that I realized the problem. I cannot change the past; I can only rejoice that God showed me the problem so that I can change the future. I have thought of buying a case of books so I can give one to every lady I know!”

~ Terri

“I just want to say THANK YOU will all of my heart for your article on the 3 types of men. My husband and I have been married for 8 months. He is Mr. Visionary. However, having been raised among the other types of men, he always thought his feelings and desires were wrong and felt pressured to conform to a different type of person. Your article showed him there is nothing wrong with the way he is, and he felt completely released and freed to be who God created him to be. I now know how to be a better wife to him. My parents (Mr. Steady) also read the article and understand their marriage better, as well as their wonderful son-in-law : ). This teaching is revolutionary and inspired. I am so very grateful to have read it when I did. My husband and I are happier – free. I am 6 months pregnant and so glad that my child will be born to a father who knows who he is and a mother who knows how to honor him. THANK YOU and God bless you and your family!”

~ Elizabeth

“‘Becoming a helpmeet’ has revolutionized our marriage. My wife has truly become the woman of God of my dreams and prayers. She read the book and simply yielded to the biblical call to women, and what a transformation. I write this to you through tears of joy because I am seeing our lives become what I have been praying for since we were married. Being in full-time ministry on the road, I began to see how my marriage and family was taking a backseat to my, “call”! My first call is to love my Lord, and second to be a loving, caring, and nurturing husband and father. Then the true ministry takes place. It amazed me how many people started coming to the Lord when I got my love relationship in order! What a gift you are to the body of Christ! Hallelujah to our King. Since your book to my wife, I have felt a love well up in my heart for this beautiful gift I hold daily. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for listening to the Lord, a pouring out of the gift you have been given.”

~ Jason

“Shalom! I’ve just finished Debi’s book, and thoroughly loved it. I am a twenty-five-year-old wife of seven years now, and I can tell you that this book is exactly what we young wives need. I applaud you for leaving nothing out and standing by Scripture plainly stated. Your approach packed a healthy punch. Bravo! I passed mine on last week to a woman stranger for her daughter-in-law who is struggling in her marriage. She took the book from my hands, eyeing it like a priceless jewel, and asked if she could read it first. I just grinned from ear to ear!”

~ Sarah

“As I’m reading your book, you ask on page 122, ‘Do you know even one couple who says they have a heavenly marriage?’ Yes! Resoundingly, joyfully, better every year — 45, and counting. And yes, I submit: the better I do it, the happier the results!”

~ Patty