The following letter was printed in the January-February 2014 issue of NGJ Magazine.

Dear Mrs. Debi,

My name is Stephenie. I am the wife of a pastor and mother of five beautiful children. I am not very old with my spiritual birthday. I have only been saved for four years now. Right after I gave my life to the Lord, someone shared your book Created to Be His Help Meet with me. It was the first entire book I have read since I graduated from high school.

That book changed my life. I am by no means belittling my Lord for what he did by saving me. I am saying that through His people (you) He has made me who I am today. I had a good marriage before I read your book. But now I have a glorious marriage. By reading your book and studying the Word while doing so, gave me a love for the scripture and a desire to write.

I want to thank you for obeying God and not compromising in any way with any of your books. I love them all and have my husband and teenagers reading them as well. Every copy I buy I end up giving to somebody to help save their marriage. And it always does. My husband and I encourage young couples to read the Help Meet series.

You are my wise older woman I look up to. Although you do not know me, I want to thank you for always helping me through any trial I encounter. Your children are so very blessed to have you, and through your mateirial, I think my children will one day think I am a blessing to them.

If you ever wonder if you make a difference or if it is ever worth the struggles, you can think about me and everybody I have shared a copy with.

Thank you!

— Stephenie