There is a woman that my husband knows from a local business that we frequent. We would chat with her while we were there to eat.

I wouldn’t call her a close friend since I don’t know a lot about her. She has been to our house a few times (she came out to our house when she had had a little too much to drink). She is a single woman, never married, with 1 grown child. She and my husband talk on the phone. I don’t feel that there is anything going on between them, but I find it weird that my husband calls her. And it seems that they talk to each other when I’m not around and vice versa. She’s not a person that he would normally befriend. She used to call him and talk to him about her problems, and he told me how sad she sounded. She told me once that she feels more comfortable talking to men as opposed to women. But why does it have to be my husband? I’ve prayed about it and tried to get past it, but every time I hear of another phone call, it makes my blood pressure go up a few notches.

Do I have a reason to be suspicious or is it just jealousy rearing its ugly head? My husband says nothing is going on and nothing ever would — I’m sure he thinks I’m silly. Please provide your insight.

Debi answers:

Some men have this thing of rescuing damsels in distress. Often it has nothing to do with sexual drive; only the need to “help.” It is a recipe for destruction.

Go to the lady and tell her to find another confidante. Tell her that your husband is off-limits. Let your husband know what you have done. Tell him you are jealous of his relationship with her no matter how “innocent.” Adam knew his wife. Emotional knowledge is still knowing. How would he like it if you had a man with whom you talked on a regular basis?

– Debi Pearl