Debi Pearl:

I just finished reading your book Created to be His Help Meet. I must say that it was the most disturbing thing I have ever read in my entire life. The viewpoints that did make sense (chapter 4 mostly) was just contrived and religious banter and convictions. How could you, with good conscious, tell women such nonsense? Honestly? Tell them to lie down like dogs to their husbands. Any man would be appeased with a woman who never gave him any kind of grief. That’s not how relationships work. Not healthy ones anyhow. Not only is this book offensive to women as a whole (and men) it is offensive to the sheer concept of Christianity. Its one thing to think you have it all figured out and another thing to spread your sad, pathetic views to other women. Women who read this will either be disgusted or feel enlightened. Sadly the “enlightened” ones will probably stay in marriages that are either abusive or miserable. I hope that this notion weighs on your conscious even in the smallest way.

I hope god has granted you the gull to take money from people for this kind of manipulated view on reality. As I’m sure you know god sells and he sells well. The purpose of this letter is to let you know what you are doing is WRONG.

I can only hope that the women who read this book take it for what it is. A simple opinion. I found this book to be a inaccurate and sadistic view on the woman’s role in marriage and even more so, life. Women who believe this kind of stuff are severely brainwashed and just plain ignorant. Women should chase after their dreams, realize their value, and should ALWAYS speak up.

Sincerely, One upset lady in Savannah

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Author: One upset lady in Savannah