I read To Train Up a Child when my oldest daughter was one. Now she is three. To most (who haven’t read the book) she is a well-trained darling, but my husband and I are struggling with her tendency to whine.
So many have advised us to just ignore it and that it’s simply because she is a girl and she just turned three and that’s what three-year-old girls do. Arrgh! It’s easy enough to deny her whatever she is whining for, like a toy or a treat. But just a second ago she looked at me and said, “My baby is crying. I have to go get him,” in a loud, high-pitched whiny voice. How can I train her to talk with a “normal” voice? My husband loves to be with her, but finds that frequency unbearable. And a side note, I do not whine. : ) Thanks for any advice!

Michael answers:

Read the article “The Five-Year-Old Whine Baby” in the No Greater Joy Volume One book. It is also posted online along with three other articles on whining. Go to Topics, then Child Training, then scroll down to Whining.