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Young Man Wants to Preach the Gospel

by No Greater Joy Ministries

Dear Mr. Pearl,

I am a young man of 16 years. I really want to preach the Gospel. So I am trying to plan and prepare myself to. I am a certified farrier, a certified horse trainer, and a classical guitarist. Where could I be best used in the mission field? What do I need to do to prepare myself? What language or languages do I need to learn? Would I have to provide my own support? Do you or any of your associates offer training? You know more about what I need to do to prepare myself, so please tell me even if I don’t ask.

I really love the unadulterated word of God, and support all your material and will use it if possible. I hold no allegiance to any man-made doctrine and will let the Bible be my truth.

Sincerely, Benjamin H. Munson

Dear Benjamin,

Stop thinking of ministry as a vocation; start thinking of it as a lifestyle. Continue to pursue your talents and abilities in : farriering, horse training and guitar to prepare to make a living and be self-supporting. Never expect someone to support you in ministry.

Study the Bible; teach it to someone while you are say, 1- 2-3 or 4 people. When I was seventeen I taught at a rescue mission and witnessed to people on the street, teaching the Bible to anyone who would listen.

Ministry happens on the course of life, if you have the heart to minister. If in time you mainly have a life that truly ministers, a person will seek you out. Ministry may take full time but, if you have the ability to support yourself you will always be free from the controls of religion.

I say again; study the Bible and teach it as you study. There is not a Bible college or training that can make you a minister.

Respectfully, Michael Pearl

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