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January-February 2010

Table of Contents

Building Trust

In the past I have come across people, children and adults alike, that are not trustworthy. You can guarantee that (...)

Cheerful, Authoritative, Consistent

Do you feel that you lack the wisdom to train up your children in the way they should go? Do you feel that you (...)

Do You Have Expensive Pee?

From choosing herbs that are right for you to making tinctures, infusion, capsules, and more, you will find that (...)

Let the Little Children

These little ones are unwritten books, a student ready to learn. What a heavenly gift; what an awesome (...)

Listen to My Dream

One day last fall a young boy was milling around in my office when he located one of the few remaining copies of (...)

The King's Chair

Most libraries have storage rooms where they sell old magazines for a few cents each. About 35 years ago, all I (...)

The Vision Movie

The Vision has tremendous cinematic potential; exhilarating action sequences, romance, intrigue, and human and (...)

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