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January-February 2011

Table of Contents

Contend for Your Faith

Nathan Pearl discusses the need to develop students of the Word that can contend for their faith. Read about his (...)

Homeschool to Blackhawk

If God's given you a natural talent for something and a passion to do it, maybe that's His cue. It's not always a (...)

Instilling Initiative in Our Children

Just the other day, Deb and I were discussing the young people we know and noting that some are focused and (...)

Mongolian Missions

NGJ supports Mickey Cofer and his family on the mission field in Mongolia. Their letter was such an encouragement (...)


Men are a different sort of people that are very hard for us more emotionally-balanced females to understand. To (...)

Plain Pain and Plain People

The Meeting of Plain People occurred on schedule without a hitch. We discussed with them how they can recreate (...)

The Lay of the (Land) Pan

Hungry for FRESH, Organic salad? Look no farther than your kitchen cabinet!

The Little Men

Parker is already well on his way to being a little man. He loves being outside working with Daddy, eating dirt (...)

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