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January-February 2016

Table of Contents

Confidence When Facing Temptation

They never used the term, but looking back I was being taught a form of “sin management” and was never given hope t (...)

Gospel Box Update

Most of the kinks have been worked out of the Gospel Boxes and I am now proceeding with field tests. They have (...)

Joy Training

As a wife and mother I find joy to be one of the most useful attributes a woman could have.

No More Bondage to FEAR

Don’t buy the line that brokenness or weakness is inherited personality. It is all in the kind of example you lay d (...)

The Net

In our present culture, by the time most children are sixteen years old, they have left a well-documented profile (...)

Watching Prophecy Being Fulfilled

Conditions are rapidly aligning with Ezekiel's 2,700-year-old prophecy. Fulfillment seems imminent. Our redemption (...)

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