“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth” (3 John 1:4).

January-February 2018

Volume 24, Number 1

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Table of Contents

The Parental Root

Michael Pearl

Letter From a Wife Now I will convey to you the complications I seem to have with rearing my three children. I praise our Lord for a wonderful Christian home. But with the struggles of each day, the varying differences …

Let There Be Peace (Not Pieces)

Debi Pearl

This is the story of two border collies, both trying to protect my doomed chickens. Actually, the chickens and dogs illustrate a more pertinent truth about peace. I was trying to work at the computer one fall day when I …

A Young Lady Writes…

Debi Pearl

I am courting a wonderful Godly young man, who I’m convinced is the man I will eventually marry. His parents are good, Christian people, but I have never heard him say one good thing about his parents. Anything he has …

Better Late Than Never

Debi Pearl and Friends

When my husband left me I was shocked, hurt, and humiliated. Now that the years have passed, I can be honest and say that the humiliation was by far the worst of my pain. I simply assumed he couldn’t live …

Questions and Answers

Debi Pearl

Did you keep your baby in the same room with you when cooking or cleaning, or did you leave her to play alone? Debi Answers I enjoyed my baby being a part of my life, so from the beginning I …

“I Am That Woman”

A friend of the ministry

Dear Debi, A few months after my husband and I married, I found myself in the pit of emotional distress and feeling like maybe my marriage wasn’t going to make it. About that time I received your book, Created to …

La Raíz Parental

Michael Pearl

Una madre nos escribió esta carta. Es tan terriblemente típica que nos sentimos obligados a responderle claramente. Mientras lo lees, piensa en ti mismo como si fueras el consejero y anota tus propias respuestas. ¿Simpatizas con su situación? ¿Estás en …

Es mejor tarde que nunca

Debi Pearl and Friends

Cuando mi esposo me dejó, me impactó, me lastimó y me humilló.  Ahora que han pasado los años puedo ser honesta y decir que sin lugar a dudas la humillación fue el peor de mis sufrimientos. Simplemente asumí que mi …

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